February 17, 2019

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Blogger Relations Jots (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Blogger Relations Jots (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Blogger Relations for Agencies
Diva Marketing
A lot of ink has been devoted (online, anyway) to the best ways to conduct blogger outreach. But as Toby Bloomberg points out, the focus has mainly been on the bloggers themselves. How they want to be approached, the best techniques for building relationships with them. What about those on the agency side? What do they have to say about blogger relations? “Responses ranged from talk about values to reminders that we are still early in the game and to be patient to ideas how to work together. According to Drew McLellan, ” I think everyone has to find a way to the middle. I don’t think posting black lists is right. Nor do I think badgering bloggers is right.””

Finding Influential Bloggers
Communication Overtones
Also on the blogger relations front, Kami Huyse discusses the best techniques for seeking out influencers within a blogging niche and building relationships. Kami points out that, as in real-life relationships, building a bond with a blogger can be a slow process, and can start out rather one-sided. “I will also step out on a limb here and say that while the dialogue should be two-way, the “relationship” is not — certainly not right away.  In the beginning, the brand wants to make contact more than the person being engaged.  So, try not to be a stalker and think more of meeting someone at a party for the first time. Shake hands, offer information if it seems relevant and if appropriate, exchange information to get in touch later.”

Determining Cred
On the podcast for my personal blog today, my co-blogger and I discussed the latest Digg-rivatives, Kirtsy and NewsCred. Gerald Baron also examines NewsCred, as the idea of user-assigned “credibility” to any particular news source is an interesting way to go about filtering the fire hose of the world wide web. “It will be interesting to watch how this develops and if it gets legs. The chart about BBC credibility is interesting. News media credibility overall is now near the bottom of everyone’s list and perhaps has to do with the internet, blogs and all. The funny thing is, everyone subscribes to the idea that you can believe a word any body says, but they read and believe it all the same.”

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