October 5, 2022

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Don’t Stop Believin’ (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Don’t Stop Believin’ (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Clearly, my friends at Marketing Over Coffee were jockeying for the top spot on the Jots this week by naming their show after a Journey song–I took in a Journey concert on Tuesday night and it was tremendous fun.

So how could I resist leading off with MoC?

Marketing Over Coffee – Don’t Stop Believin’

John Wall and Chris Penn lead off by discussing Journey’s latest album and their new (awesome) lead singer, who they discovered on YouTube. Arnel Pineda was a cover band singer in the Phillipines when Journey, in need of a new lead singer, discovered the Steve Perry soundalike on the popular video sharing site. Within only a couple weeks, he was added to the band. I can vouch for the discovery after seeing the band in concert on Tuesday night this week (here’s a video from that show–they really do sound great with Pineda).

Music discussion out of the way, the duo moves on to other things, including a continued discussion about Stride Gum’s video of the “dancing guy” in over 100 different countries. Like our discussion of this video on the Media Bullseye Roundtable podcast a few weeks ago, where I played the Grinch in wondering what the heck that video (which is admittedly terrific) has to do with gum, the guys cover how Stride could be benefitting–possibly karma?

Around the PR Podcast Horn (in random order):

For Immediate ReleaseOn Monday’s show this week, Shel and Neville revisited that ongoing discussion regarding the rather premature death announcements flying left and right for the PR industry. On Thursday, they discuss an issue reported on Media Bullseye as well this week- the SEC’s shift to online reporting (including a shout-out to CustomScoop VP Jen Zingsheim).

Inside PR
On their latest episode, David Jones and Julie Rusciolelli cover the keys to good messaging. Building a good key message involves planning, writing, testing and conducting media training with spokespeople, an involved process that is much more than just rattling off a few talking points.

After their usual hilarious banter about who has the worse haircut and their lack of regular episodes (apparently it’s Dave’s fault), Dave and Doug talk Olympics. I’ve been all over the Olympics on my own podcasts lately, it’s good to hear someone else hashing it out. They discuss the massive market research NBC conducted regarding who is watching, and then debate the ongoing coverage–should it be left up to the amateurs?

Media Driving
From the car this week, Jay discusses organizations. Referencing an e-book (“The Talent Myth”) by Malcom Gladwell that encourages organizations to make the system the “star.”

Biz Growth LiveNew addition to our podcast lineup Krishna De is joined by social media consultant Stephanie Booth to discuss how to host a live event or conference. In person networking is one of the best ways to build relationships, and using social media to promote your own in-person event can help spread the word.

The Engaging Brand
This week Anna Farmery chats with Jay Deragon about the evolution of the “relationship economy.” Self explanatory, the relationship economy seeks to capitalize on online relationships and networks by finding their economic value. She and Jay discuss the implications of attempting to derive business value from your “friends” online and off.

Six Pixels of Separation
Mitch Joel dedicates his latest episode to discussing the future of online communications for marketers. What are the best ideas for using this space, including what is best for professionals using social media. His six points discuss free online monitoring tools, including CustomScoop’s own free personal accounts. 

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  1. john@themshow.com'
    John Wall

    So I had to buy the album after talking about it (available at Wal-Mart only ?!?), and it’s crazy. Pineda sounds BETTER than Steve Perry on vocals. It’s like everything else they did is on LP and you are hearing it on CD for the first time – crisper and cleaner.

  2. swurrey@customscoop.com'
    Sarah Wurrey

    John, sorry for my late response you were trapped in spam.
    But I agree, Pineda is crazy good. I had lawn seats way in the back and couldn’t see well at the show last week, but I can say that it allowed me to just pretend it was Steve Perry. He sounds just as good if not better. Crazy!

  3. john@themshow.com'
    John Wall

    So, I might have a chance at presenting at this year’s Salesforce.com conference. I was checking the agenda yesterday and guess what band they got for the show party?

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