September 29, 2022

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Free Monitoring Tools (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Free Monitoring Tools (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Free Monitoring Tools
Six Pixels of Separation
In his latest Montreal Gazette column, Mitch Joel highlights monitoring tools you can use to protect your brand’s reputation that are free-of-charge. We here at CustomScoop (which, disclosure, provides monitoring services) are big proponents of the idea that all brands should be listening in on social media. Even if you do not want to invest in a paid service yet, there are still ways you can hear the conversation. “Think about the last time someone told you about a brand. Odds are you did not rush down to the nearest store to check it out. You probably did a quick search online to see what’s being said and read what others are saying. We’re not just doing it for big ticket items, we’re researching everything and anything – from hotels to HDMI cables to paperclips for the office (we’re also comparing prices).”

Tech vs PR – Part 1
Doug Haslam
There’s been a bit of a flap lately between the tech and public relations sides of the blogosphere. Doug Haslam has an excellent roundup of some of the gripes, from everyone including Robert Scoble to Steve Rubel (which is odd, considering he is a PR guy first). “I wish for bloggers- and all journalists- I could crinkle my nose like Samantha Stevens and whoosh away all the bad pitches they get every day. Alas, I can only try to tidy up my little corner of the SHIFT Communications universe, and maybe a little more. Bloggers are learning that their popularity means they get the same uneven PR service, solicited or not, that all media gets. PR pros are learning that bad PR practices beget much swifter and more public retribution than in the past. Maybe these factors will combine to make us better.”

Tech vs PR – Part 2
In another reaction to the “tech vs PR” flap, Jeremy Pepper throws some much needed light on something that too many involved in both public relations and social media forget: Social media is only one of the tools available to PR professionals. It’s valuable to be sure, but one shouldn’t focus on it too much. “Social media is just a tool in the PR mix. And, it’s just a good tool in the mix for certain clients and brands. For technology and consumer technology, it’s great. For consumer goods, it’s great. But, it’s NOT the only thing. The PR bloggers – on some level – have become so enamored with the tools, that they are unable to take a step back but have become lost in their reflection like Narcissus.”

Vive le (iPhone) Resistance
Word of Mouth Communications Study
Ah, the lure of the iPhone. I admit it, especially after becoming a recent Mac convert, that I think Apple fully owns the competition in terms of designs. The thing is just neat-looking, and I’d love to have one, but have resisted. I have a phone already, it’s fine. I can’t justify the iPhone expense. Walter Carl, a longtime Apple devotee, explains why he’s not yet making the big switch. “Identity reasons. I like to think I make autonomous decisions (though I know this is often a pleasant fiction I tell myself) and am not interested in switching just because something is shiny and new. Plus, my Treo 700p still works great and there’s some pride in using it until it dies (though note this is near last on my list and didn’t stop me in anyway from switching from the 600 and 650, both of which I sold on eBay in order to upgrade).”

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    Doug Haslam

    Thanks Sarah and gang for the link love! I’m flattered you quoted my only bit of actual original thought from the post– but I hope folks click through to the original articles (and Jeremy’s, which I added) to follow the whole thread.

    Jeremy Pepper

    Wait – you couldn’t use the real title? 😉
    Thanks for the addition, and it’s a great collection that includes Doug’s great roundup.
    Does make me scream, though.

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