October 4, 2022

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Get Noticed (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Get Noticed (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Get Noticed
Chris Brogan
Who better to take advice from on getting noticed in blogging than Chris Brogan? He’s easily one of the most recognizable (and prolific, with several detailed posts a day, generally) blogger on the Boston social media scene. So, how’d he do it? It will work out differently for everyone, but his tips on how to get your blog posts noticed are quite good. Don’t expect to be a Chris overnight, but these should help. I especially like that he has promoted Zemanta, an excellent blogging tool. ” Try Zemanta. Zemanta is a blogging tool that either adds on to your browser (Firefox only, I think), or comes now as a WordPress plugin. It allows you to find related stories and post them at the bottom of a post. When you’re part of the Zemanta community, I believe your stories also go into their list of potentially related stories. I’ve seen traffic coming in from Zemanta-recommended links.”

Get your SMR Noticed Too
PR Squared
With more on the “get noticed” theme, Todd Defren explains how to extract real results from your social media press release. He recommends keeping them Twitter-friendly, with 140 character summary sections, as well as not just relying on your brand’s fans to come to you when you publish a new one to your website. “Unless your company/client already possesses a base of rabid, highly-networked and vociferous fans, then simply publishing the SMR to the website and/or via the newswires is just not enough to get any attention, just as issuing a traditional press release over the wire doesn’t cinch press coverage. Your fabulous content will lie fallow.  A corporate RSS feed with paltry subscriber numbers ain’t gonna bring the fame. ”

Get Noticed in Social Media
Brendan Cooper

Finally, how do you break into social media? We’re not all going to be rock stars, we know this much, but anyone getting involved with social media at the very least wants to know how to find the right niche and connect with the right people therein. Brendan Cooper has some tips for the newbies. “In this way you get to contribute your joined-up, thought leadership ideas on your blog, read other people’s joined-up, thought leadership ideas through RSS, participate in mid-size conversations on Friendfeed, put out your sudden thoughts on Twitter, and likewise follow other people’s mid-size conversations and sudden thoughts. After a while you’ll start to notice that people will comment on your blog (it’s very exciting when it happens), follow you on Twitter and Friendfeed and slowly, slowly, you’ll start to ‘know’ these people, even if virtually. More importantly, they’ll get to know you, and you start to gain credibility in the social mediasphere.”

Social Media Breakfast Comes to Toronto
Pro PR

I am a big fan of the Social Media Breakfast series created by Bryan Person. I’ve attended most of the Boston breakfasts and have really gotten something out of them. So I’m happy to help Joseph Thornley spread the word about the breakfasts coming to Toronto–he’s actively looking for sponsors and other partners to host the breakfasts. See his post for more details. “Social Media Breakfast Toronto is being initiated by the people who organize Third Tuesday Toronto. The Third Tuesday Toronto community has grown to over 1,000 members who meet once a month after work to hear social media thought leaders talk about the newest developments in social media, online communities, Web apps, marketing and public relations.”

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