September 28, 2022

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Google Brings Adsense to Feeds

Google Brings Adsense to Feeds

Bloggers looking for an extra buck have a new option today with the release of Adsense for Google Feedburner feeds. Although the service has been available to a select group for some time, its full release brings promise of a new revenue stream for bloggers who have previously been unable to market to readers that strictly rely on RSS for content.

Many believe that this new offering will be widely used, but others are skeptical that it will be of much interest to advertisers.  Erick Schonfeld diplomatically suggests that “maybe [the ads] should be seen more as branding opportunity.” Andy Beal and Daniel Scocco complain that Google has no automated solution for those with previously established Feedburner feeds, meaning you may have to manually make the switch to take advantage of the new offering.

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    bill hawkins

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