September 29, 2022

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My Top Ten Non-PR, Non-Tech, Non-Social Media Blogs

My Top Ten Non-PR, Non-Tech, Non-Social Media Blogs

It might be hard to believe, considering Media Bullseye’s consistent focus on social media, public relations, and the intersection of technology and communications, that we might devote any time to blogs that have nothing to do with either. I think it’s important for any social media enthusiast to acknowledge that the blogosphere is a lot wider than the blogs we feature in our daily PR Blog Jots, however, and so I am offering up my list of the best blogs that have absolutely squat to do with our usual coverage. No gadget blogs, no PR, no geeks…just good old fashioned entertainment.

It’s summer after all, we all might need a break from “The Conversation” to kick back and giggle at a few cakes that are shaped like fungus-infected feet, right? And so, here is my top-ten, which I spent many minutes thinking about and considering. Some are already in the stratosphere of popularity that they hardly need the plug from me, but some are less popular to the point where I almost don’t want to highlight them, but will anyway.

10) Garfield Minus Garfield – It’s the simplicity, really. One comic a day, takes two seconds to look over, absorb the hilarity or poignancy, and move on. As their tagline states about the blog’s everyman hero, Jon Arbuckle, “It is a journey deep into the mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness and depression in a quiet American suburb.”

9) O’Malley on the Web – Matt O’Malley is a good friend of mine from college, and when he told me he was starting a blog, I was pretty sure it would be crap. After all, Matt is a local politician in Boston. Politicians are concerned with their public image, and thus their blogs are generally either boring as hell and clearly ghostwritten, or press release depots. Imagine my surprise when the guy I used to sit at a dive bar with sharing pitchers and Marlboros while we “studied” for our PoliSci exams would create such a delightful little blog. He writes about politics and pop culture with equal aplomb (my favorite was his attributing Tim Pawlenty’s impressive mullet to his hopes for earning the VP nod from McCain), and I always look forward to seeing a new post from him in my RSS reader. If you leave a comment, be sure to refer to him as “The Big Man.”

8) Go Fug Yourself – This is one of those “duh” entries that ought to surprise no one. Two former writers for Television Without Pity (another big time fave of mine that didn’t make the list for not being a blog) have created the perfect epicenter of fashion and snark. I think even guys or women who could give a lick about fashion would be into this blog. Who doesn’t like a little schadenfreude with their morning coffee?

7) Tomato Nation – Speaking of former TWoP writers…Sarah Bunting, one of the TWoP creators, has been blogging at Tomato Nation for longer than some of you even knew the Internet existed (ok, maybe not that long). She writes a kick-butt advice column (“The Vine”) that even I have submitted questions to (if you must know, I had a delicate issue involving a friend with an annoying habit, Sarah’s advice was dead-on), and she is sensible, funny, and my go-to English usage guru. Come for the snark, stay for the grammar. (Mmmm, grammar.)

6) I Can Has Cheezburger? – Another one for Captain Obvious. What can I say? I like the kittehs, and this is another one you can get something out of in 60 seconds or less. Brevity is key, I’m a busy lady.

5) Townie News – Another Boston-centric blog, this one stars “Paul ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald” in a series of hilarious videos about his undying love and devotion to all things Boston sports. His latest offering about Manny Ramirez’s claim that he’d like to play for the Yankees is an instant classic. Caution though, like any supah-fan worth his salt, Fitzy’s F-bombs and references to “your mom’s” sex life are abundant. Be warned, kids, this one is definitely NSFW.

4) Shapely Prose – I wrote about Kate Harding in a Blogstring post late last year. At the time her blog was a new discovery for me, but I’ve never regretted adding it to my daily reads.  Kate writes about fat acceptance, feminism (she is also a contributor to Salon’s Broadsheet blog), and the impossible ideals of beauty in America. I directly attribute this blog to my own feminist awakening last year.

3) Cake Wrecks – This one seems to be catching fire of late, as I’ve seen a lot of buzz about it on Twitter. You just really can’t go wrong here, it is another entrant in the “short but sweet” category, and any blog that features such horrifying images as the “bride statue” wedding cakes has to make this list. And if loving the disgusting foot cake is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

2) Passive Aggressive Notes – I would be willing to bet we’ve all seen a passive aggressive note. Maybe someone left an angrily scribbled note under your windshield wiper, deriding your ability to park (not that that has happened to me, ahem). Perhaps an anonymous neighbor left a note in the elevator asking people to kindly not vomit in it. This blog is devoted to passive aggressive notes of all kinds, for those who just don’t have the stomach for face-to-face confrontation. The best part is the high percentage of notes that come from England, where proper manners rule the day. It’s unsurprising. One of my favorites (I really want to know what Melba’s letter said!):

1) And finally…Jezebel – I was not going to include this one, because it’s a Gawker blog and has been featured in the New York Times, like it needs the link love? But in the end I couldn’t help myself. It really is my # 1 favorite blog, so why exclude it just because it’s too popular? For any unfamiliar, Jezebel is basically how women’s magazines ought to be. Whip smart and funny at the same time, full of good celebrity snark without resorting to anything too mean-spirited, unabashedly women-positive without being too anti-men (though the Crap Em
ail from a Dude
feature is probably one of my favorite things in the world), and just all around good times. It is also a blessedly heavily-moderated troll-free zone. Some find it totalitarian, but I find it refreshing. And that’s coming from someone who was once temporarily banned from commenting after an overly harsh comment about (of all things) Lindsay Lohan.

Stay tuned for more lists from others at CustomScoop, and feel free to submit your own! What are your favorite blog discoveries? What are the glaring omissions on my list?  (I’m certain there are plenty!)

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    Meredith // @meredithk1981

    Thanks for sharing, Sarah – fantastic list! I love Go Fug Yourself, too. And thank you for Cake Wrecks. I had never seen it before; definitely added to my Google reader now! It’s like in cake form. Awesome.

    Sarah Wurrey

    Thanks Meredith, glad I could give you that one! It’s a great blog.
    I’d love to hear others’ favorite “non-work” blogs they like to read! It is a fun topic!


    Thanks for the love and back at ya. Although, in the interest of full disclosure, I think it’s important to set the record straight: we shared Parliaments and pitchers of beer. That is all.

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