February 17, 2019

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Olympic Victory (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Olympic Victory (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Olympic Victory
Measuring Up
There has been much discussion in recent weeks in the run up to the ongoing Olympics in Beijing. Much has been made of the PR issues surrounding the event, but Ed Moed points out that the China location may have actually saved the Games. I think it’s probably more the Phelps factor than the China factor (and Ed does acknowledge Phelps’s role) but his argument is interesting. “But ultimately, I think the “China Factor” is why we initially tuned in. And, it’s what keeps most of us constantly coming back for more. This mysterious, little understood emerging world power is just starting to lift its cloak of secrecy. And, we’re all dying to get as many peaks inside as possible. Whether it be around scandal, awe, or somewhere in between, Americans don’t care. We just want more information and stories about China.”

The New PR
Perkett PRsuasions
In her response to the ongoing discussion of the PR backlash started by Michael Arrington and Steve Rubel, Christine Perkett points out that it takes a lot more than just starting a couple Facebook groups or starting a blog to run a real “web 2.0” public relations agency. “PR has always been about “people skills,” as vague as that sounds. It’s not only about how many existing relationships you have, but rather about the ability to connect with others in a valuable and meaningful way – whether we’ve met or not. It’s also about mutual benefit and communication – not just calling when you need something.  And finally, it’s about time – we’re not brain surgeons, but just as you could paint your own house, you most likely have other things you need to do, so you pay someone to do it for you. PR is not dead because everyone wants promotion. Some are good at doing it themselves, some need help and still others simply want to pay someone to do it for them.”

Best Agency Blogs
Conversation Agent
There are, of course, some agencies that are doing the blogging thing right. Valeria Maltoni has put a great list together of blogs from agencies (or their employees). If you’re looking to add some good blogs to your RSS feeds of PR blogs, check out her page (I added a couple of new voices to my own list, always looking for good Jots fodder!). “It’s encouraging to meet more practitioners on the agency side who walk the talk. In many cases, as you will see, the blogs are created and maintained by individuals as their own personal thinking ground. In others, they are the effort of a small group on behalf of the agency. Many I read very regularly, some I visit with on occasion.”

Trafcom News
I think I absolutely write about the iPhone too much (admitting it is the first step, right?). Maybe it’s my gadget lust, maybe it’s just because so many social media types are Apple fans that it is inevitable. But I enjoyed Donna Papcosta’s post about her new found love of the iPhone. It is an excellent review for any skeptics out there. “So far I am amazed at the simple elegance of the iPhone and its interface. The applications available from the iPhone App store are mind-boggling in their scope (from Hangman to the Obama “Countdown to Change”). And MobileMe, which synchs my Mac and my iPhone, simplifies my life, unlike the devices I’ve owned over the years, which required me to actively connect my computer to them, and always seemed to be slightly out of synch.”

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