February 17, 2019

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Party PR (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Party PR (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Party PR
PR Rock and Roll
PR gets a bad rap in some pop culture representations, that’s for sure. I remember watching “Sex and the City” in college and not understanding Samantha’s job, since she seemed to do little more than throw parties. Drew Kerr examines the phenomenon of “PR” firms emerging that seem to be little more than event-planning businesses. What do these firms do, and is their tactic successful? “Yet, there does not seem to be much strategy involved except to keeping exes and camera crews apart at the party. What’s the end-game ambitious play? Does scoring an item in Page Six reap huge rewards? For most clients, having your logo on the wall behind the celebrity is a big score, and you pay these firms serious money to arrange it that way. Has there been enough “cool” delivered for clients to make this a successful return on investment?”

Packer PR
Measuring Up
On a personal note, I actually always liked Ari Fleischer. As far as White House press secretaries go, he was better than some of the others that have taken the podium in the Bush White House. But I was just as baffled as Ed Moed when I learned that Fleischer would be taking on a major communications role with the Green Bay Pakcers, who have been dealing with PR issues lately surrounding retired-then-not QB Brett Favre. It just seems to me that the skills required to conduct PR for government don’t always translate. “So, what makes this story all the more amusing is that the Packers needed a strategic communications consultant who has the exact opposite skill set and demeanor that Mr. Fleischer possesses (or has shown the world he holds). Somehow, this organization was lucky enough to finally diffuse the crisis and trade Brett away to the hapless Jets. But, now it easy to understand why Packers’ management bungled both communications and decision making for so long during this summer. Good ol’ Ari must have been leading the communications effort…”

Find Your Passion
A lot of bloggers struggle to find their voices, and suffer from writers’ block and grapple for ideas the same way as any writers. Darren Rowse has tips for finding the right niche in the blogosphere; once you find your passion, blogging success might follow naturally. “What you’ll also start to notice is that you become an authority in your niche, and this is highly valuable. With this authority you can release products, offer coaching or set-up a popular paid membership site depending on your industry. This is so much harder to do in saturated markets where there is a lot of competition.”

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