September 28, 2022

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Playstation Redemption (and Other PR Blog Jots

Playstation Redemption (and Other PR Blog Jots

Playstation Redemption
Voce Nation
I skipped over this story at first, but after seeing it pop up again and again in a few different blogs today, I figured it deserved top billing as a great case study. Mike Manuel reports that PR Week has a feature story on Playstation, and its efforts to rebuild its brand in the blogosphere after several well-publicized missteps. Kudos to them! “Aarti Shah with PRWeek pens this week’s cover story on client Sony PlayStation. The piece is a bit of a case study that recounts some of the company’s fairly well-known missteps over the years, but more importantly, it digs into PlayStation’s rebound and recovery efforts the last 18 months — and how their social media strategy is leading the way.”

How to be (Internet) Famous
The Buzz Bin
We all know  that as tempting as it is to do so (after all, at least a little ego is involved in social media) we shouldn’t focus on “the numbers” of social media or get obsessed with gathering Twitter followers. Geoff Livingston has a great argument on why not–Internet “fame” doesn’t always translate into business results, no matter how many Facebook friends you have. “But communicators beware. While great at creating their own personal brands, a vast majority of these Internet rock stars — a.k.a. social media experts — have not been trained in core communications theory, nor do they have significant communications experience.”

Russian Wag the Dog
The Flack
As most are by now aware, Russia invaded Georgia late last week, around the time that the Olympics hoopla was getting into full gear. Almost like “Wag the Dog” in reverse, with the Russians using a pre-existing distraction to launch an attack, according to Peter Himler. “In addition to the PR-driven strategy to attack when the world was not looking, the Soviet (I mean Russian) propagandists widely availed themselves to the media to hammer (and sickle) home the notion that the Georgians are the true aggressors. The despotic former KGB’er Putin took a page from Dick Cheney’s Iraqi playbook to propagate on state-controlled “Russia Today” that Georgia is Goliath and Russia is David.”

Let it Out
Influential Marketing
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed those Kleenex commercials with a man on a couch inviting people to sit and talk with him on a busy city sidewalk. Invariably, they end up discussing something that leaves them in tears. I can’t explain why it’s so compelling. It seems, according to Rohit Barghava, that the “Let it Out” campaign is now a full documentary with an Olympic twist. Rohit attended the premiere, but is worried about the campaign’s lack of oomph. “I am a fan of Kleenex brand, but I do think that they have a larger strategic problem that likely won’t be solved by a campaign like this or even through an Olympic sponsorship. One of their biggest challenges surely must be the commoditization of their brand. The fact is, people call every kind of tissue a Kleenex. They own the category, but need to continually explain to people why it matters that you buy Kleenex instead of the cheaper store brand.”

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