September 28, 2022

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Political Social Missteps (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Political Social Missteps (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Political Social Missteps
PR Squared
Todd Defren takes on the issue of John McCain’s presidential campaign supplying supporters with “talking points” with which to place comments throughout the blogosphere (which we also discussed on a Media Bullseye Roundtable). He refers to the controversial tactic as astroturfing, and questions why the campaign wouldn’t urge full disclosure–I think this is another case of politics being even further behind than business when it comes to embracing transparency. “It could get worse.  Imagine further that some sloppy mainstream reporter is on deadline for yet-another of their never-ending articles about the 2008 election.  Harried by their managing editor, they pluck the McCain supporter’s online comments to add color to their article, implying that these are “direct quotes” from blog readers.  Doing the McCain campaign’s rallying job for them.”

The Importance of Failure
Personal Branding Blog

Dan Schwabel has a great interview up with Barry Moltz, who discusses the importance of learning from past mistakes. No one likes screwing up on the job, but it’s an important topic to discuss, because it happens to everyone-no one’s perfect. What’s important is how you handle the aftermath. “Individually, a particular result or outcome actually means nothing. No event will guarantee the same result in the future. By learning to bounce through this repetitive process of “success and failure, failure and success”, you will develop a resiliency that will lead to the true business confidence that ultimately determines which ones of us succeed.”

Vote for Kami!
Communication Overtones

Okay, this is a little shameless, but Kami Huyse’s Communication Overtones was one of the first blogs I added to my RSS reader when I first got into social media. She is smart, experienced on both sides of things (that is, she knows traditional PR as well as being well-steeped in social media savvy), and she’s just an all-around great woman. So I’m throwing my vote to her in the latest round of PR Week’s Blog Competition, and you should too. “One problem though. I am up against the esteemed Richard Edelman’s 6 am blog and his very smart and loyal readership. As such, I would ask that my loyal readers take a minute between now and Friday at 5 to cast a vote my way so that I don’t get completely routed. Vote here before 5 pm Friday if you are so inclined to do so.”

Unsuccessful Twitter Brands
Web Strategy by Jeremiah

We all have heard the stories and seen the mainstream press coverage for the brands like Zappos and Comcast who have found great success on Twitter. But what about the brands that have bombed? Jeremiah Owyang has some reasons for their failures (maybe they should read Dan’s post above!).  My favorite of his reasons, is that maybe it’s just that no one gives a hoot. “Some brands, regardless of how they use twitter, their profile pictures, or what they talk about, no one will care. Either their product isn’t known, or not releavnt, or the brand hasn’t done due diligence to first find out if their market is even in Twitter, as a result, tweets go unheard in the forest, yet no one minds. (Update: I’ve added this one a few hours later)”

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    You’re not kidding it was shameless. Sounds like this “contest” is way too important to some people. (Do you really think Richard Edelman gives a rat’s ass that he’s in this contest or whether or not he “wins” this round?)
    And shame on PR Blog Jots highlighting (even applauding) such a post and encouraging readers (or former ones) of MB to vote for one blog. Whatever happened to “fair and balanced” journalism?

    Sarah Wurrey

    Kami – No problem!
    Disgusted – Sorry to have offended you, certainly wasn’t my intention to alienate readers. Kami’s a friend, and her blog is one of my favorites.
    I agree the contest is a bit silly and maybe not worth a Jots plug, but it’s just supposed to be in good fun!
    FWIW, I suppose I will refrain from any further endorsements. 🙂

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