September 28, 2022

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PR Cliches (and Other PR Blog Jots)

PR Cliches (and Other PR Blog Jots)
PR Cliches
PR Rock and Roll
Cliches are annoying in general, but aren’t they even more so to those who hear the same phrases from the same PR pros over and over? Possibly. Drew Kerr discusses what he calls the “eight deadly phrases” of public relations, starting, naturally, with the dreaded “no comment.” “‘They have ended their romance, but remain friends’: Celebrities break up just like you and me, except they often have spokespeople announce it for them. It’s an admirable ploy since publicists want to make their clients seem like civil mature adults like that famous trio Bruce Willis, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. However, life is usually not this tidy. Wouldn’t you love the publicist to actually say what the rest of the mere mortals do when they break up: ‘They ended their romance, so now he’s a total wreck, drinking heavily, and writing some new song lyrics about how badly it all ended. You can read about it on his blog.'”

Don’t Forget Internal Comms
Better Communication Results
Lee Hopkins posts an terrific video on the importance of internal communications with employees and stakeholders. The video is played for laughs, of course, but focuses on an important point: if you’re not communicating effectively with your staff, your brand might suffer as a result. “The video points out how Internal Comms often gets overlooked by Ad/Marcomms types, giving perfectly good reason why Internal Comms should stay a separate and equally senior part of the management team.”

Learning from Disaster
Dave Fleet
I know, I know, more complaining about Twitter. At least this one takes the usual complaints (this time regarding deleted accounts from real people in an effort to purge some spammy accounts) and asks how businesses can learn from these customer service failures. Dave Fleet offers the four takeaways from the latest Twitter failure, encouraging companies to embrace their mistakes and tackle them head-on when they occur–everything can be a learning experience. “Prepare for the worst. Mistakes will happen. There’s nothing we can do to stop that. Surely someone must have considered the possibility that non-spammers would get caught-up in Twitter’s spam-control efforts. Given the number of people using Twitter it’s not surprising that they had a few false positives when doing this kind of work. In fact, I’m surprised it was only eight people. The problem was that they weren’t ready when it did happen.Companies should prepare for events like this so that if the worst does happen they can catch it before it escalates.”

The Font Conference
Observations on Public Relations
A little fun on a Wednesday never hurts, right? Right. In which case, I offer Luke Armour’s post on one of the latest humorous offerings from College Humor (whom you may recall from the “blog comments as a work meeting” video). The video makes popular fonts as characters. I think my favorite was Wide Latin. “I kept seeing this Font Conference reference pop up over the past two weeks, and when I finally clicked on it – it was all worth it. I enjoy a good font as much as the next person – but these folks take it to the next level. They really Lucida Bright my Calisto MT, you know what I Franklin Gothic Heavy? Okay, so maybe I’m not good at it, but if you’ve ever purposefully chosen anything other than Times New Roman, you’ll love this video.”

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