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Social Media Events Calendar, Fall 2008

Social Media Events Calendar, Fall 2008

If you are anything like me, you long for an interactive social media networking “master calendar.” I’d like one that listed all events, big and small, national, international and local, and that included a way for people to add their event as well, whether they are hosting a small Tweetup or a large convention.

Sure, there are Upcoming, MeetUp, EventBrite and other tools, but we don’t all use the same ones. What I want is one tool that creates a master calendar and also links back to those. While I’m daydreaming I’ll go out on a limb and ask Santa for a tool that creates a centralized list as a “go-to” destination for seeing all of your possibilities for networking at once and then also places your event onto the event sign up tool of your choice, like Upcoming or EventBrite.

Since I have yet to find that useful application in social networking land, I decided to take a stab at creating a resource post instead. After combing the Internet to find all of the social media events this Fall, I present my version of the Social Media Master Calendar. Please, if you have an event I missed, use this post as a place to link it in the comments for all to see.

Media Bullseye’s Social Media and Tech Events Master Calendar, Fall 2008

August 2008

August 11th – September 4thSocial Media Club • Major Cities Across United States

August 19th – 21stIntel Developer Forum • San Francisco, California

August 21st – 23rdGnomedex 8.0 • Seattle, Washington

August 24th – 27th2nd SNA-KDD Workshop • Las Vegas, Nevada

August 27th – 29th • Creative Freelancers Conference • Chicago, Illinois

August 29thROFLThing • San Francisco, California

September 2008

September 3rdMetaverse Mix (Virtual Worlds) • Los Angeles, California

September 3rd – 5thOffice 2.0 • San Francisco, California

September 5thSecond Life Community Convention • Tampa, Florida

September 6th – 7thPodCamp Philly – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

September 7th – 9thDEMO Fall 08 • San Diego, California

September 8th – 10thTechCrunch 50 • San Francisco, Calfiornia

September 9thMedia Bistro/FreshBooks Party • New York City, New York

September 9thWebsites Without Walls • Washington, DC

September 10thGrow Your Business Through Social Media • Rockville, Maryland

September 10thDCDB 2 • Washington, DC

September 15thSocial Ad Summit • New York City, New York

September 15th – 19thInterop New York 2008 • New York City, New York

September 16thNorthern Virginia Technology Council Cool Tech • McLean, Virginia

September 16th – 19thWeb 2.0 Expo • New York City, New York

September 17thInterop NY • New York City, New York

September 18thMobilize by GigaOM • San Francisco, California

September 18thTwin Tech 2 DC • Washington, DC

September 20th – 21stPodCamp Montreal • Montreal,  Quebec, Canada

September 22ndKPMG Pick 20 • Toronto, Ontario, Canada

September 23rdWeb Directions 2008 • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

September 22nd – 26thToronto Tech Week – • Toronto, Ontario, Canada

September 24thChin Wag Live: Micro Media Maze • London, England

September 25th – 27th BlogOrlando • Orlando, Florida

September 27thPodCamp Ireland • Kilkenny, Ireland

September 25th – 28thHOW Mind Your Own Business Conference • Austin, TX

September 26th – 28thPodCamp Barccelona • El Masnou, Spain

September 27th – 28thInfoCamp Seattle • Seattle, Washington

September 29thSocial Media Forum • Hamburg, Germany

September 29th – 30thInterAct 2008 • Washington, DC

October and November 2008

October 2ndTechCocktail DC 3 • Washington, DC

October 10thSocial Media For Social Change • Boston, MA

October 18th – 19thPodCamp Pittsburgh • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

October 23rdWorkshop On Human-Computer Interaction • Redmond, Washington

November 4thUrbanSense08 • Raleigh, North Carolina

Coming up in Winter 2008 and Spring 2009, keep an eye out for:

Social Semantic Web: Where Web 2.0 Meets Web 3.0, Palo Alto, California

and of course…

SXSW, Austin, Texas

I plan to do these master calendar posts every couple of months, unless some kind soul finally invents that much needed application to do it for me. Be sure to check back with Media Bullseye to find more events, and don’t forget to put yours in the comments if I didn’t discover it on my own.

Leslie Poston is a writer, social media maven and tech junkie. She conducts social media training sessions to help you bring your company into World 2.0 using social media and technology. She blogs at Uptown Uncorked.

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