September 29, 2022

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The Guinness Dilemma (And Other PR Pod Jots)

The Guinness Dilemma (And Other PR Pod Jots)

Welcome to CustomScoop’s PR Pod Jots, Media Bullseye’s weekly rundown of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. It’s another very light week around the podosphere…all you podcasters are definitely taking summer vacations! But we do still have some good content for you, so let’s get started. We’ll begin with our good friends, Shel and Neville.

For Immediate Release – Guinness’ Dilemma

What do you do when your brand’s name is taken out of your control? Aside from revisiting the issue of ExxonMobil’s brand ending up on Twitter under dubious circumstances, Shel and Neville discuss an issue I’d noticed and taken great interest in last week. A freelance marketer put together a rather risque (and potentially sexist and misogynistic, according to some) commercial for the popular Irish beer Guinness. I won’t link to it, since the fake ad is rather NSFW, but you can read about it on Neville’s blog here.

Diageo, the makers of Guinness, has issued statement’s against the ad, which is slightly sexual in nature and has raised a bit of ire among feminist blogs. Brands are often faced with this question, and it depends entirely on the image you want to portray. Neville points out that the brand exposure, even if slightly illicit in nature, might benefit the brand in the end.

Around the PR Podcast Horn (in random order):

Inside PRThis week on one of the only PR podcasts that really dives into the day to day at agencies, David Jones, Terry Fallis and Julie Rusciolelli discuss the responsibilities of the agency. They break it down into four main categories, including account service, account management, account leadership and agency leadership.

The Engaging Brand
On this episode of the Engaging Brand, Anna Farmery speaks to Jenny Lam of Jackson Fish Market about how to engage in brand advertising.  Please feel free to check out the white paper geared towards agency professionals titled “Branded Software Experiences* – Next Generation Brand Advertising for the Web.”

Media Driving
Our favorite podcast that’s broadcast from inside a moving vehicle is new this week with a question: how does your audience access your content? This is a question that’s come up for the Media Bullseye podcast lately, as we have no yet added ourselves to iTunes. Where do you make your content available, how accessible is it?

Six Pixels of SeparationThe fallout in the wake of the launch of potential Google competitor Cuil continues this week, as Mitch Joel discusses the “showdown” between the two search engines. He applies the Cuil launch to his “Six Points” this week, with “Six questions to ask yourself before you launch.”

Jaffe Juice
Joseph gets off to a bit of a slow start this week, but if you skip past the initial five minutes or so he offers some interesting insight on several  hot topics, including Apple’s MobileMe gaffe, CNN’s iReport, the gruesome Greyhound bus incident. Jaffe also discusses how a company’s engagement with its customers can add value to their products and their brand.

On the Record
Editor-in-Chief of PR Tactics & Strategist John Elsasser is On the Record with Eric Schwartzman this week. They discuss his rise in public relations journalism, why PR gets a bad rap at times and how professionals can overcome those with preconceived notions, and the growing impact of new and social media on the industry.

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