September 29, 2022

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Welcome a New Pod Jot (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Welcome a New Pod Jot (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Welcome to another edition of CustomScoop’s PR Pod Jots, our weekly rundown of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. I’m delighted this week to welcome a new addition to the weekly Pod Jots, as we were tipped that we’d been missing out on a show that deserved our attention.

Biz Growth Live – New Addition to the Jots

Thanks to Lucy Davies for sending in an email, I was alerted to a new addition to the PR Pod Jots. Hosted by social media evangelist and Podcamp Ireland founder Krishna De, Biz Growth Live features “interviews with leading authorities in branding, marketing, social media and leadership.”

On the latest episode, Krishna discusses how to use joint ventures to build your brand with Elizabeth Marshall. Elizabeth is a marketing experts who works with authors, businesses and other brands to promote their businesses. They discuss how to attract a high quality partner with whom to collaborate on a joint venture, as well as strategies for maximizing the collaboration’s results.

While I can see how working together with other entrepreneurs or business professionals might be challenging, particularly if you are posed with working with the competition. But Elizabeth’s advice makes it clear that partnerships, granted the details are covered and they are approached in the right way, can end in terrific results for your business.

Around the PR Podcast Horn (in random order):

Inside PRA frequent topic of discussion in this era of using social media for PR purposes is how best to pitch. Is the phone still feasible? How about email? On the latest Inside PR, Terry Fallis and Martin Waxman discuss the email pitch. They also feature an interview from Bob LeDrew (who is making the podcast rounds lately!).

Marketing Over Coffee
At the Bryan Person goodbye meetup in Cambridge this week, several attendees were gearing up to attend the Affiliate Marketing Summit, one of the topics up for discussion on Marketing Over Coffee this week. They also teach you how to fight the “conference crud.”

For Immediate Release
On Monday’s show this week, Shel and Neville discussed the somewhat controversial (my endorsement of one blog cost me a reader!) and much-discussed PR Week Blog Contest. They also cover a recent SNCR report on social media and influence, and latest way to pitch: by video. On Thursday’s show, they cover some of the recent scandals coming out of the Olympics, including the “visual trickery” of the opening ceremonies.

In a very apropos show (hey, I rhymed!) considering the whole “PR is dead/No it’s not” kerfuffle of this week, Tim Alik and Rob Capra go over the top ten PR myths by taking the anti-PR view. The phone is useless! Social media is new! Live-tweeting at conferences is worthwhile! 

Six Pixels of SeparationI’d really like to get to PodCamp Montreal this year, September 20, if only to get to get to hang out with Mitch Joel. He gives a Twist Image “summer update,” and outlines his excitement about the upcoming unconference. He also discusses the recent redesigns of both Delicious and Facebook (I am personally not a fan of either, and switched back to “old” Facebook almost immediately). 

The Engaging BrandOn the latest offering of Anna Farmery’s show, she chats with Frances Cole Jones, founder of Cole Media Management, who has just written the book How To Wow. They discuss the book, and the best methods of engaging an audience through savvy communication skills. They discuss what audiences respond to, and how to use nervousness to your advantage.

Media Driving
This week on my favorite “short but sweet” podcast, Jay Moonah discusses community. More specifically, what should your focus be? Everyone who creates content wants an audience, but should your focus be more on producing quality content than it should be on building your community?

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    Krishna De

    Sarah – what a lovely suprise to see a Google alert for Podcamp Ireland and find out you had featured my Biz Growth Live podcast.
    Thank you so much.
    I hope you enjoy our forthcoming shows.
    And thanks again for including us in a great group of podcasts – they are all ones I listen to in iTunes.
    Best wishes

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