October 5, 2022

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What Drives You? (and Other PR Pod Jots)

What Drives You? (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Welcome to another edition of CustomScoop’s PR Pod Jots, our weekly rundown of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. This week, eager podcasters jumped on Cuil, Podcamp, corporate participation in social media, and more.

We begin with a very short, but sweet Media Driving.

Media Driving – What Drives You?

So, we’re all here, but how often do we ask why? And no, Jay Moonah isn’t attempting to launch a group existential crisis. But what motivates people to participate in social media? He notes the downturn of his own blog, which he blames on summer doldrums. (I have had a much harder time drumming up submissions for Media Bullseye, which I attribute to the same thing) (Email me if you want to make 50 bucks! *grin*)

He notes that there are different reasons we all particpate in social media, even if it’s just by reading and commenting on blogs, or going so far as producing your own blog or podcast. What’s your motivation? It’s an interesting question, and I’d bet good money that it’s different for everyone. A dash of ego, a pinch of business savvy, and a splash of finding and reaching out to old friends and contacts? Or is there no real reason?

What is your reason for participating?

Around the PR Podcast Horn (in random order):

Diary of a Shameless Self Promoter: Comcast has made quite a splash on Twitter this year by joining under the handle ComcastCares and helping users with their customer service complaints. Heidi Miller interviews the company’s chief Twitterer, Frank Eliason, about their efforts, which have received lots of attention as of late.

For Immediate Release:
In Thursday’s edition of FIR, Shel and Neville cover the surge of businesses entering social media, noting that Apple has launched a blog after customer’s have complained about MobileMe. They also discuss the latest from the Blog Council, which has put together a disclosure toolkit to assist those in search of transparency-made-easy. On Monday’s show, they discuss the launch of new search engine Cuil, along with Google Knol and 50 tips for social media strategy.

Jaffe Juice:
In his latest episode, Joe Jaffe discusses a number of issues, including his ongoing battle against Delta Airlines, and numerous listener comments. He also proposes a listener-inspired idea about whether or not we need a new “generation name,” ala “generation X.”

10 Golden Rules: Jay Berkowitz offers his latest Internet marketing podcast from atop a beaver dam, and discusses what he deems to be the ten hottest trends in Internet marketing strategy currently.

The Engaging Brand:
In her latest offering, Anna Farmery interviews Dr Nora Barnes who is a Chancellor Professor of Marketing and Director of the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. They discuss Dr. Barnes’ latest study, which is about the use of social media strategy in business.

Six Pixels of Separation:
Mitch Joel’s new episode, dedicated to the memory of Randy Pausch, features Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions. His weekly list of six points this week is “Six things that rock about Google” that are not related to search, including Google Analytics and Google Alerts.

The Topaz team, including Tim Alik, Wendie Larkin and Glen Zimmerman, become the first podcast of the week so far to tackle new search engine Cuil. In their words, the new search tool launched with the “best buzz money could buy, and landed with a thud.” They also cover HelpAReporter.com, and the age old question of whether the press release is dead or what.

Marketing Over Coffee: John and Chris, our favorite podcasters who record their show in a Dunkin Donuts, actually recorded this show live from Podcamp Boston 3. They feature special guest David Meerman Scott. Theyy cover a few different topics with David, everything from his latest book, to public speaking tips, to using viral video in marketing.

Inside PR:
Ah, fellas after my own heart. Terry Fallis and Martin Waxman cover the importance of good writing in public relations this week. Writing skills are plummeting among digital natives, in my entirely unscientific opinion. And it’s a shame, because they are an essential skill among PR pros, or anyone in the communications business. 

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