October 5, 2022

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Blog World Expo Recap (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Blog World Expo Recap (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Blog World Expo Recap
Adam Ostrow chimes in with his take on the recent BlogWorldExpo. He points to several takeaways and offers some insight into what may be next in the ever evolving blogosphere, including ownership of comments, the development of more ad networks, and the increasing crossover between MSM outlets, blogs and Twitter. Of the latter, Ostrow writes:  “Blogs Are Increasingly Becoming Mainstream Media and Vice Versa – Coincidentally, Technorati released its ‘State of the Blogosphere 2008‘ report on Monday after BWE concluded. Many of the findings rang true with what we experienced at BWE, especially the assertion that “the lines are continuing to blur” in response to the question ‘what is a blog?'”

Only 12% of Bloggers are Corporate
BlogWrite for CEOs

In a note about the recent release of the State of the Blogosphere report from Technorati, Debbie Weil points out that only 12 percent of bloggers are doing so on behalf of a corporation. Interesting bit of trivia to be sure, but I think rather unsurprising. Debbie agrees, but digs a little deeper into the report’s methodology. “Twelve percent of what, I asked Technorati’s gurus yesterday. Senior Director of Marketing Jennifer McLean replied via email that the 12% refers to the number of bloggers surveyed. That would be 1,290 completed surveys from bloggers in 66 countries, according to Technorati’s explanation of the methodology for this year’s report.”

Trust Me, I’m a Banker
Digital Influence Mapping Project
In a good analysis of the public image issues now facing the banking industry, John Bell highlights five strategies he feels might help banks regain trust from consumers. In one bit of advice that I couldn’t agree with more, he charges banks with doing a better job educating their customers about personal finance. “I need a course. I need a coach. I need someone who gives a #@%$ about whether I can hold my own financially over the long haul (therefore being a strong, fees-paying customer for years). All the research shows that customers feel inadequate when it comes to managing money. Banks should consider programs that help us get smart and make better decisions. It’s kind of like consumer driven healthcare. I accept that no one but me will manage my health or finance. Help me get smart so I do a better job of it.”

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