December 11, 2018

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Digital Natives & Branding (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Digital Natives & Branding (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Digital Natives Need Branding Too
Personal Branding Blog
“Kids today” are growing up in the spotlight. My high school shenanigans occurred long (too long!) before I started blogging, so wondering whether my college’s admissions officer would be Googling me was the last thing on my mind. Not so for high school graduates in the 2.0 era, argues Dan Schwabel. “First off, how hard is it to Google someone’s name? What about search for their name on a social network? The accessibility and ease of search makes it obvious for admissions officers to use social networks as a background check for applicants. If you read between the lines and really think about this, I’d say that they are using it more for applicants that are “on the line” with being accepted or rejected or one’s that are in the ‘good pile.'”

SMS 911?
In the wake of major emergencies, from school shootings to natural disasters, many are questioning whether an SMS emergency alert system would work as a way to warn people in advance of the crisis or pass along vital information. Gerald Baron argues that while he is encouraged at the efforts, there is much more to emergency communications than texting. “Text messaging is one important element. But only one and it has limitations-some very significant limitations. Right now the only correct answer that we can see to meet the increasing demand for instant information is to provide it in multiple modes-text, phone, website, RSS feeds, email, fax, digital sign boards, desktop alerts-and of course, through the media as well. To rely on one way is an all but sure way to leave some out.”

More Seinfeld Post-Mortem
Jaffe Juice
With overwhelmingly negative reaction to their efforts at creating some “hip” and jaunty advertising to compete with main rival Apple, Microsoft has started over with a new slew of ads. Joseph Jaffe does a little Monday morning quarterbacking on the Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates ads, and why they didn’t work, including his clever observation on the pitfalls of their new slogan. “The new slogan, “Life without Walls” replaces – I guess – the “your life, our passion” (or something like that) one. Swings and roundabouts. I still think most people refer to Microsoft’s “Where do you want to go today?” slogan and positioning, which was all about empowering people in the NOW. In any event, Microsoft set themselves up for further ridicule as you don’t have to leap very far to discover the disconnect: A life without walls has no place for Windows. D’oh.”

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