October 5, 2022

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Double Trouble – Valeria Maltoni and Doug Haslam Join the Roundtable

Double Trouble – Valeria Maltoni and Doug Haslam Join the Roundtable

For this episode of the Roundtable, my usual co-host Jen Zingsheim was out on vacation, so I needed two special guests to fill her venerable shoes. I am joined by Valeria Maltoni and Doug Haslam. Valeria, whose blog Conversation Agent is one of my favorites, is the director of marketing and communications at Sun Guard Availability Services. Doug, who is joining us on the Roundtable for the second time after serving as one of our first guests several months ago, is an Account Director at Boston’s SHIFT Communications, and blogs at DougHaslam.com (and naturally, Doug’s blog is one of my favorites too!).

Valeria and Doug joined me to discuss the Technorati State of the Blogosphere report, Twitter censorship in the classroom, and the PR ramifications of the country’s current political and economic crises.

Click here to download our 34-minute discussion.

Technorati State of the Blogosphere report: We discuss the implications of some of the stats of the report, including the trend towards blogs becoming less just about the blog and more about serving as an information hub for all a person’s social media activities. Doug wishes that the report was a little less “facts and figures” and a little more substance, and I wonder if the chatter about it proves that Technorati is still relevant.

Teacher Bans Classroom Blogging: An NYU student wrote a critical review of her “Gen Y” media class for Media Shift, including its teacher, and the teacher promptly banned students from blogging about the class in the future. We discuss the old guard resistance to social media, and note that in a class where having a blog is a requirement, it seems counterintuitive to ban students from discussing the class.

(Major) Crisis Communications: The unavoidable topic of the week is the current financial crisis going on in the U.S. We have a good discussion of what this means for the brands involved. The banks, insurance companies, and other institutions who need to rebuild public trust. I once again highlight John Bell’s post about it, and Valeria makes the extremely valid point that this crisis has far-reaching global implications–quite a heavy lift for crisis communicators.

Click here to download our 34-minute discussion.

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