September 27, 2022

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Five Questions with the Creator of Cake Wrecks

Five Questions with the Creator of Cake Wrecks

ince discovering Cake Wrecks earlier this year, the daily log of truly terrible cakes has become one of my favorite blogs. It takes a concept so simple and turns it into a truly entertaining read; who would have thought that a screw-up at the bakery could lead to such hilarity? The blog is still quite young but has already developed quite an audience, and according to its creator there are plenty of Wrecks still to be seen.

For the uninitiated, a Cake Wreck is simply a professionally made cake gone, as the site’s tag line says, “horribly, hilariously, wrong.”

Ranging from the oddly hilarious (bridal statue cake), to the inappropriate (sexual harassment cake), to the downright disgusting (slice of fungus-foot, anyone?), and (my favorite) the grammatically challenged, the daily dose of cake wreckyness is a brilliant little addition to the blogosphere.

For Media Bullseye’s new feature in which we ask bloggers “Five Questions” about blogging and social media, Jen from Cake Wrecks agreed to be our next subject. Below are her responses, which are best enjoyed with a nice slice of cake and a glass of milk.

What prompted you to blog/use social media?

Jen: My quirky sense of humor and the discovery of the now infamous Walmart “Under Neat That” cake. On the day those two collided, Cake Wrecks was born.

What benefits–direct and indirect–have you discovered using this communications tool?

Jen: I get to write every day, and have people actually read what I write – that’s just awesome. The best part is hearing how much my readers enjoy the site; there’s nothing like being told you brightened someone’s day. There are financial benefits, too, of course, as I’m working on a possible book deal and getting more opportunities to write professionally.

Writing is tough work, and blogs, with the need to be updated on a fairly regular basis, can be particularly challenging. How do you stay inspired, and how do you keep things interesting when working with such a niche topic? (Are you ever worried you’ll run out of wrecks?)

Jen: With over 600 submissions sitting on my hard drive and awaiting posting (and more arriving each day), I’m not as concerned about running out of Wrecks as I am running out of things to say about them! However, I’m learning to take advantage of the “good” days: I write as many posts as I can when I’m feeling inspired, so that I can just walk away from the computer when writer’s block strikes.

What three blogs do you read regularly, and why?

Jen: I started Wrecks as a relative novice, so I’m still exploring this wonderful world of blogging. However, I must admit I’ve been one of those Cute Overload devotees for years: my husband and I are both huge animal lovers, so the cute-and-furry thing never gets old for us.

The blog I check the instant a new post hits my RSS is (Cake Wrecks readers may remember my tribute post to James not so long ago.)  It’s run by two close friends of mine, and documents their journey in having (and recently losing) a special needs son. Their celebration of life and faith is a source of constant inspiration to me.

And lastly, I guess I have to round out my top 3 with I love the Snark’s sense of humor, and he keeps me in touch with my inner geek.

Are there any other social media tools that you have found particularly useful (like Twitter), or, if you’ve tried other tools and prefer to focus on blogging, why?

Jen: I’m one of those people who detests MySpace – I’ve always found it visually chaotic – but I will admit to using Facebook. It’s a great way to keep up with friends, and reconnect with old ones.  I also use Evite a lot – does that count?

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    Stacey Christensen

    I really love Cake Wrecks! It really Rocks. As soon as there is a new post I check it. I am always waiting for the latest from Jen. She keeps me laughing. What a great idea, for a blog.
    Keep up the great work Jen!!!! I am a devoted fan of Cake Wrecks.

    Pamela Seiple

    Hey Sarah,
    It’s so awesome that you interviewed Jen from Cake Wrecks. I love her blog and have even featured some of her posts about awful baby shower cakes on my Little Baby Lump blog.


    I often read Cake Wrecks with a sleeping baby on me, which is not the BEST idea considering I literally shake with laughter every 2.5 seconds.
    Thanks “Jen!”
    (If that IS your real name.)

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