October 5, 2022

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PR Tool Box (and Other PR Pod Jots)

PR Tool Box (and Other PR Pod Jots)

Welcome to CustomScoop’s PR Pod Jots, our weekly rundown of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. Pod Jots has been on something of a hiatus lately, so we’re glad to dive back into all the PR podcast goodness. We’ll start with Inside PR, who in their latest installment discussed a subject close to CustomScoop and Media Bullseye’s heart: media monitoring!

Inside PR – In the Tool Box

Considering Media Bullseye owner CustomScoop is a media intelligence firm doing just the kind of work highlighted in the latest Inside PR, it’s no surprise I give them the top spot in this week’s roundup. Granted, the discussion is actually more broad than that, focusing on the various tools that PR practioners use to do their jobs, but media monitoring is certainly a vital component.

During the discussion, Terry, Martin and Julie touch on some of their favorite tools when conducting media monitoring for clients. I will have to forgive them for not mentioning CustomScoop, but they do mention some other preferred resources, including simple Google searches, Cision, and Infomart.

Around the PR Podcast Horn (in no particular order):

On the RecordIn his most recent episode, Eric Schwarzman interviews Russell Wright, co-founder of ThemeZoom, an online marketing intelligence platform that takes a radical approach to search engine optimizing online content. Russel discusses some simple tips for SEO, as well as conducting business online.

Media Driving
In his latest audio dispatch from the car, Jay Moonah discusses this weekend’s Podcamp Montreal, as well as a special online event and a request for a little audience participation.

The Engaging Brand
This week, Anna Farmery concludes her two-part interview with Mark Sanborn, author of The Fred Factor, and the Encore Effect. They discuss tips for developing good leadership skills, as well as the power of influence in a person’s management style.

Ten Golden Rules
Jay Berkowitz runs the gamut in his latest installment, and aside from being one of the few podcasters this week to touch on Google Chrome, he mentions one subject in particular that raises my ire lately: new Facebook! The popular social networking site has switched over to a new look…I am so far not a fan, but I assume it will grow on me eventually, and there’s certainly no going back.

Six Pixels of Separation
My favorite sports writer always refers to his “Mailbag” column as “letting the readers do the heavy lifting.” That’s how I think Mitch Joel’s latest, which is heavy on some great listener audio comments. Mitch also discusses the future of digital marketing, which he believes has the potential to grow even more powerful.

Marketing Over Coffee
At the Dunkin Donuts this week, Chris and John also throw a bit of the show to the listeners, with comments sparking discussion on using social media for market research in the nonprofit field, as well as the usefulness of “duplicate content and syndication.”

On the most recent episode from the team at Topaz (which is actually from a while ago), Rob Capra, Todd Van Hoosear, Wendie Larkin and Ann Dalrymple discuss Obama and Biden’s performance at the Democratic National Convention, as well as whether disclosing their merger (and subsequent retraction of same) hurt or helped Social Media Group and Livingston Communications.

Managing the Gray
This is an exciting episode for fans of the extremely popular website Ask a Ninja. CC Chapman interview the team behind the site, in particular about their new book coming out, “The Ninja Handbook.” They discuss podcasting, social media, and of course, the book.

For Immediate ReleaseOf the many topics raised on this Thursday’s FIR, one of the more interesting was a new study from Awareness Networks which shows companies are increasing use of social media for employees. On Monday’s episode, they discuss new social network Yammer, as well as the controversial story involving a reporter Twitter a 3-year old child’s funeral.

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