September 27, 2022

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Reputation Reminder (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Reputation Reminder (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Reputation Reminder
Social Media Marketing
I find the amount of time dedicated to educating people about their personal brand somewhat amusing–it seems like it ought to be one of those commons sense ideas that you really don’t need people to tell you about. But I do agree it’s good for a little refresher on how to put your best face forward when managing your online rep, and Scott Monty discusses the importance of personal brand maintenance. “The things that you do, say and post on Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, your blog, and any other public-facing social network are part of your reputation. Are your profiles consistent with each other and with who you are? Does your online persona reflect what you want it to? How do all of these come into play with your professional life? The savvy and thoughtful digital professional will give this due consideration.”

Help Me Help You
Social Media Explorer
This is one of my favorite pet issues in social media. I’m constantly baffled why fan groups and other social activity that may actually bolster a brand can be shut down by said brand with intellectual property concerns (the most recent example of the “Mad Men” Twitter characters comes to mind). Yes, brands MUST protect their intellectual property–but they can also recognize opportunities. Jason Falls has an interesting case study about a whiskey company faced with some Facebook fans, and how they decided to work with them rather than against them. “The key learning from this experience was that you can protect your copyrights and/or your company’s high standards of responsibilities without upsetting the brand enthusiasts. To accomplish this, you should: 1. Don’t assume the offending party intended to take advantage of or violate your brand. 2. Be open and honest in your communications. 3. Be clear about what you are asking and why. 4. Do NOT threaten. Instead, offer fair alternatives that continue to serve your customers. 5. Be prepared to act if the offending party responds negatively. 6. All of these happen while never compromise your responsibility standards.”

Best Practices
Diva Marketing Blog
“Best practices” is one of those corporate speak terms that I tend to shy away from, but I suppose I’ll allow it, since it was not chosen by me or even by Toby Bloombergy, but by Mitch Joel, the starter of this particular meme. Toby’s best practices for social media marketing include getting to know the culture of social media before you engage, as well as remembering that social media is not the only game in town. “Bonus Best Practice Social Media Marketing Tip .. without a strategic direction and a plan social media marketing is just a me too play toy. It might be cool to talk about your YouTube video or your Facebook page at cocktail parties but trust me on this one .. it ain’t gonna work for you as a business strategy. Give social media marketing the respect it is due and add accountability to the mix.”

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    Fun post. Thanks for the shout out to Diva Marketing. I too shy away from the term ‘best practices’ .. what is best for one company may not be for another. However, lessons learned and shared I can wrap my arms around.

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