September 25, 2022

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Respect my Authoritay (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Respect my Authoritay (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Get out There
So you’ve written a great blog post–now what? That’s the premise behind Darren Rowse’s latest offering, with 13 solid tips for getting out there and promoting your blog. His ideas range from social bookmarking, Twitter promotion, commenting on other blogs, to social messaging. Any one of them could help get the word out about your blog. Definitely a must-read for anyone looking to increase their readership. “Don’t be afraid to use social messaging to promote posts that have good discussion on them also. I find that 12-24 hours after my post goes live can be a good time to shoot out another tweet if there’s a particularly hot conversation going on (in fact this can drive even more traffic than the first TwitterFeed automated tweet as it alerts your followers to a conversation rather than just content).”

Respect My Authorit-ay
Chris Brogan
I can’t think about web authority without picturing Eric Cartman on “South Park” as a brutal cop insisting that all around him “respect my authoritay!” Unfortunately, you can’t generally bully your way to authority on the Web. Chris Brogan has an excellent rundown of all the ways to determine web authority, but my favorite is probably the one that people don’t often think of: good old fashioned Google searches. “Googling someone to see just how much of a digital footprint she leaves is also one way to see if someone has a presence on the web. I did this once with a “social media expert” that I met at an event, and unless they use an interesting alias, I couldn’t find barely a trace of this person either directly on several social networks, nor via Google itself.”

Social Media and Retail
Six Pixels of Separation
We just published a new piece this week on Media Bullseye dealing with the latest in online retailing, as Kohls has successfully merged social networking with shopping. Mitch Joel today discusses a presentation he is giving regarding the role of social media in retail. “Social tools enable you to get your consumers excited about your products and services. It enables them to connect and freely talk about what you do to make their lives easier. The strategy and tactics behind pulling it all together is the challenge. Getting buy-in from your senior management while they keep trying to increase revenue per square foot will be a challenge, but – in the end – bringing people together to connect is going to change everything you know about selling online (in the best possible way).”

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