September 29, 2022

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Drive-in Edition: Scott Monty joins the Roundtable

Drive-in Edition: Scott Monty joins the Roundtable

We’re baaack…(get it? Poltergeist/Halloween/Roundtable is back?) It’s Jen Zingsheim’s inaugural run at hosting the Roundtable, along with very patient guests Chip Griffin and Scott Monty. Scott heads up social media at Ford, and as he notes is one of Boston’s “Lost Boys”–social media experts who have left New England and headed west as modern-day soc-net pioneers.

Scott joined the Roundtable to discuss the Christian Science Monitor’s decision to move away from a daily print edition, social media experimentation during an economic downturn, and Australia’s decision to proactively censor Internet content.

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For Whom the (Printing) Bell Tolls — The Christian Science Monitor has elected to move to a weekly magazine rather than its daily print format. Is this a sign of the acceleration of the demise of print? Scott points out that there’s a role for smaller print publications with specialized content, and Chip reminds us all that moving from a daily to weekly isn’t an abandonment of print, it’s a change in how the news is covered.

Social Media Marketing Islands in the Stream — Bryan Person asked “Can brands afford to experiment in social media during an economic downturn?” Person asked the question of attendees of the Forrester Consumer Forum, who were all solidly in favor of encouraging brands to experiment, even in a downturn–most pointed to social media’s low costs as a reason. Our panel was a bit more cautious, making the case that done correctly, social media takes a great deal of time, and that it should be part of a broader mix.

To Have (Censorship) and Have Not — Our final topic of the day was Australia’s announcement that they would be actively censoring web content. While we all agreed that illegal content doesn’t fall under a right to free speech, the devil is in the details on how to implement illegal content without also blocking legal content.

Click here to download our 24-minute discussion.

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