September 29, 2022

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Recession 2.0 – And Other PR Pod Jots

Recession 2.0 – And Other PR Pod Jots

Welcome to CustomScoop’s PR Pod Jots, our weekly rundown of the best of the PR and marketing podosphere. Lots of new shows to discuss this week, with many choosing to focus on the “big story” of the world right now: the recession! With a 2.0 twist, naturally. Onto the Jots:

Around the PR Podcast Horn (in random order):

Shameless Self Promoter
I know that how best to follow up with a contact, be it a journalist, source, or other business interest, can be a tricky undertaking. Particularly for PR pros looking to not alienate a potential good relationship with a journo. Heidi Miller interviews  Alan Smith about “conducting seamless follow up.”

On the Record
This week, Eric Schwartzman goes On the Record with the Chief Operating Officer of PR Newswire, David Armon. They discuss the evolution of the public relations business, which is becoming more about “clicks than clips.”

The Engaging Brand
Anna Farmer talks with Holly Weeks who has just written Failure to Communicate  – How Conversations Go Wrong and What You Can Do to Right Them. They discuss how breakdowns in communication may affect business, and the changes in communications with the advent of social media.

Six Pixels of Separation
Mitch Joel interviews Niall Cook “on the future of work, how companies are dealing with these social tools and what you need to know about it.” He also discusses the evolution of work, and how to use technology to your advantage in the changing business environment.

On their latest episode, Todd Van Hoosear is joined by Wendie Larkin, Glen Zimmerman, Tim Allik, Ann
Dalrymple, Joanna DiTrapano, Katelyn D’Eramo and Malinda Singh (quite a group!). They discuss the Recession 2.0, citizen journalism, and Todd’s move to a new job with Social Sphere (congrats Todd!).

Managing the Gray
CC Chapman has a terrific experiment in his latest episode, where he tries to explain how to do ten things in social media in only ten minutes. Among his ten are Googling yourself to monitor your brand, using Flickr, and joining social networks like LinkedIN and Facebook.

Marketing Over Coffee John Wall and Chris Penn make better use of 20 minutes than any other podcasters I know, always cramming in a lot of stuff into their brief mornings at the Dunkin Donuts. This week, they chatted about graphic design, Steve Jobs, and the quirkiest idea I’ve heard in a while: Pitching spammers!

Inside PR
Our friends north of the border this week, Terry Fallis and Dave Jones, discuss the global economic crisis and how it is affecting the PR business. They discuss the importance of having balance in an agency, and not letting one client be the bulk of your business, you never know when they might cut their PR budget.

For Immediate ReleaseShel and Neville started out the week on Monday with a show that also touched on the financial crisis–namely about maintaining transparency when things go badly. On Thursday’s show, they tap guest co-host Bryan Person to discuss Blog Action Day, an effort to raise awareness about important causes through blogging.

Media Driving
In his latest offering, Jay Moonah discusses (while walking, for what it’s worth, not driving) the Canadian national election held recently. He talks about how peopel get their information, noting that if it’s a pain to retrieve (unlike, say, Pod Jots!) a person will be less likely to bother.

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