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Social Media Events Calendar – Winter 2008

Social Media Events Calendar – Winter 2008

As promised, I am continuing the round up of social media and new media events for Winter 2008. There is a lot of excitement about the social media space right now, which means a lot of events and meet ups to choose from.

One exciting trend in the new media universe is a trend toward giving back and reaching out. There are more and more fundraisers and other events popping up geared to helping others, which makes me feel good about being a part of the social media space.

Another trend is a rise in localized events. Now there are more and more large conferences to choose from, seemingly in competition with each other. In reality it simply offers people who would like to find an enriching event or learning experience more local options that are a bit easier on the travel budget, something that is beneficial to everyone.

These new trends coupled with some old stand bys mean that everyone should find an event that will help them in some way this season. Without further ado, I present my version of the Social Media Master Calendar. Please, if you have an event I missed, use this post as a place to link it in the comments for all to see.

October 2008

October 8th – 10thFOWAExpo 08 • London, United Kingdom

October 10thSocial Media For Social Change • Boston, MA

October 10thVirtual Goods Summit • San Francisco, CA

October 11thBigfoot Blogging Conference • Seattle, WA

October 11th – 12thBarCamp Tampa • Tamba Bay, FL

October 13th – 17thCreate Chaos Conference • Orlando, FL

October 14th – 15thNew Marketing Summit • Foxboro, MA

October 14thOpenWeb Asia • Seoul, Korea

October 15thThe Ins and Outs of Networking to Grow Your Business: An Interactive Seminar • Brooklyn, NY

October 15th – Boston Social Media Club meeting – Boston, MA

October 20thSanFran MusicTech • San Francisco, CA

October 18th – 19thPodCamp Pittsburgh • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

October 20th – 21stVirtual Worlds London • London, United Kingdon

October 23rdWorkshop On Human-Computer Interaction • Redmond, Washington

October 23rd – 25thAIGA Gain Conference • New York, NY

October 24th • Blog08 • Amsterdam, Netherlands

October 27th – 31stBoulder Colorado Job Fair • Boulder, Colorado

October 29th – 30thSWOMFest 08 • Austin, TX

October 29th – 30thSearchonomics • San Francisco, CA

November 2008

November 4thUrbanSense08 • Raleigh, North Carolina

November 5thMarketing & Online Communities Conference • New York City, New York

November 5th – 7thWeb 2.0 Summit • San Francisco, CA

November 6thSocial Media Workshop • Dublin, Ireland

November 12thWord of Mouth Media and Marketing Summit • Las Vegas, NV

November 13thNewTeeVee Live • San Francisco, CA

November 14th – SNCR Fall Symposium and Awards Gala – Boston, MA

December 2008

December 3rd – 4thWeb 2.0 Tokyo • Tokyo, Japan

December 14thNew Media 08 • Dubai

January and February 2009

February 2ndWeb Directions North Denver • Denver, CO

February 17thSearch Engine Strategies • London, United Kingdom

Coming up in Spring 2009, keep an eye out for:

March 13th – 22ndSXSW • Austin, TX

March 23rd – 25thSocial Semantic Web: Where Web 2.0 Meets Web 3.0 • Palo Alto, CA

I plan to do these master calendar posts every couple of months, unless some kind soul finally invents that much needed application to do it for me. Be sure to check back here  to find more events, and don’t forget to put yours in the comments if I didn’t discover it on my own.

Leslie Poston is a writer, social media maven and tech junkie. She conducts social media training sessions to help you bring your company into World 2.0 using social media and technology. She blogs at Uptown Uncorked.

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    Brian Zisk

    Hi Leslie,
    Thank you so much for listing the SanFran MusicTech Summit. However, the Summit takes place on October 20th, as opposed to the 15th and 16th as listed above. If you could correct this, it would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you very much!
    Brian Zisk

    Rick Sauter

    Leslie — Our group is having our 4th Executing Social Media conference at AT&T in Atlanta next week on Oct. 15-16.
    Thanks and this is a great resource!

    Leslie Poston

    Thanks for using the comments as a resource! That’s fantastic!
    Todd, I *knew* I had forgotten something local around that time and for the life of me couldn’t think what it was. I’m glad you popped in to let us know 🙂
    I’ll submit the correction to the editor here for the MusicTech summit, also.

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