September 29, 2022

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Social Media for Social Change

Social Media for Social Change

I almost didn’t go, and I’m very glad I changed my mind.

Fridays are a real bear for me at the office generally speaking, with client reports to do and loose ends for the week to tie up. I usually hardly even want to go out anywhere locally on a Friday night, let alone down to Boston.

And so, this past Friday I contemplated skipping attending the Social Media for Social Change event thrown by Gradon Tripp at the Harvard Club in Boston, despite having already paid for my ticket. I also didn’t even have a dress, as I am mid-move and my wardrobe is, well, everywhere right now!

Ultimately, I decided the terrific cause and my desire to see as many of my Boston blogging friends as possible before my move prevailed, and I ran to the mall to snap up a little black dress and got behind the wheel to make the trip. It was definitely worth it, and not only because I really liked my dress.

Benefiting Jane Doe, an organization dedicated to fighting violence against women, Social Media for Social Change was a great success. I was truly moved to see so many of the social media community come out on a Friday night and pitch in to help. The event raised both money and consciousness for a truly worthy cause, and I think future events will prove to be even more successful.

When Bryan Person launched the Social Media Breakfast last year, I thought it was a fun little trifle of an event. Bloggers and podcasters and the like gabbing about social media over coffee and eggs. Little did I know it would turn into a worldwide phenomenon. I can only hope that the Social Media for Social Change movement can grow and spread as rapidly and successfully–after all, this was only the first event, and it went off without a hitch and attracted some terrific people and sponsors. Imagine what it could be eventually, with even more time to plan and lure in even more prominent and generous sponsors? The possibilities are endless.

I’ve already offered to help out in any way I can to make the event a reality with the DC social media community, and I challenge my friends across the country to do the same. So many out there question the value of social media. We can argue its business merits until we’re blue in the face and still fail to convince anyone. But few can argue that putting the power of social networking to use for a good cause isn’t worthwhile!

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    Bryan Person

    Hear, hear! Well said, Sarah. So pleased you made it to that first SMB last year, and good to know you didn’t skip out on Social Media for Social Change, either.
    Christopher Penn often writes and talks about using our social media skills to make a difference. Social Media for Social Change will help to do just that.
    Bryan Person | @BryanPerson
    Social Media Breakfast founder
    P.S. Any interest in helping with an SMB DC?

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