September 29, 2022

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The Other Sarah Goes to Washington

The Other Sarah Goes to Washington

Well, in a few months time, Washington, DC might be taking on a couple more citizens by the name of Sarah. The first one might be vice president, and the other will be me!

I’ve accepted a position with a public affairs and communications firm in the DC area, and October 22 will be my last day with CustomScoop. I’m that odd combination of sad and excited; moving on will be a great new adventure, but it will mean leaving behind a great position and my talented colleagues. I truly value the experience I’ve gained here, but am also very excited for the next step in my career.

I’ve decided to keep where I’m headed private for now, as my next job won’t be as public as my position with CustomScoop has been. But I ensured before accepting the position that I would be able to continue participating in and learning about social media, and hopefully getting to apply that knowledge to my new role. I will still be Tweeting, blogging, and even contributing to Media Bullseye. You’ll hardly know I’m gone!

Thanks to all in the social media community who have made me feel so welcome at all the events, breakfasts, Podcamps and other activities we’ve enjoyed together in the past couple years. I’ve learned so much and had so much fun doing it. I couldn’t even begin to name everyone who has helped me, and if I tried I would absolutely forget someone vital and then feel guilty, so I’ll just say you know who you are!

Hopefully I’ll see some of you at either next week’s Social Media Breakfast in Boston or the Social Media for Social Change event to say goodbye before I leave…and for those of you in DC, I hope we can arrange a Tweetup soon!

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    Chip Griffin

    You will be missed here at CustomScoop, but we wish you well as you head back to Washington, DC (one of my favorite cities). Good luck and we look forward to continuing to see your byline on these pages (and perhaps your voice on future episodes of the Roundtable).

    Mark Story

    DM me. I am sad that you are leaving Custom Scoop, but psyched that we will be neighbors!
    Chip — looking for a replacement? If you can do something about those New Hampshire winters, I am all over it.

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