February 20, 2019

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Training Day (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Training Day (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Training Day
There has been plenty of chatter lately about vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s performances in media interviews. Marta Karlqvist has some advice for Palin in regards to media training, in a pretty good primer for anyone facing hard time in front of the press. I was especially in agreement with her advice that brevity ought to rule the day. Amen. “The reply should also be short and sweet, no longer than 75 – 150 words, which equals approximately 30 – 60 seconds of speech time. The stories should contain a story, example or illustration for each key point made that supports the message you want to get across (again, as per my previous point). If you are rambling on, you run the risk of being edited and potentially misquoted. By keeping your answers short and to the point the core message it will most likely be conveyed.”

Shy Guy Tips
Chris Brogan
In an excellent guest post, Susan Murphy offers advice for the wallflowers among us for getting comfortable attending conferences and networking with strangers. Most would be shocked to learn I’ve actually battled a bit of shyness myself in the past, it’s one of those things you can’t get over without concerted effort, which is why I admire her advice about just getting out there and mingling without fear. “I’m not saying you need to jump on a stage in front of 500 people or start shaking every hand in the room at your next conference. But regularly putting yourself out there, in situations that demand decidedly un-shy behaviour is key to overcoming shyness. This takes practice, so start small. It could be something as simple approaching someone in line at the coffee shop, and asking them for their thoughts on the dark roast they just ordered. Put yourself out there, in small ways at first, and you will begin to get used to it. Then you can build up to the bigger stuff.”

Blog Orlando Wrap-up
After the very successful Blog Orlando 3 wrapped up, Josh Hallet shares some of his thoughts on the conference, which he started two years ago. He does one thing that warms my heart in dividing up the attendees somewhat between those looking for more “advanced” conversations and the newbies. “It was also important to split tech into two sides, basic and advanced. If you keep having the same conversations year-after-year you end up alienating the veteran attendees, you need to give them something new. However, you still need the core stuff for the newbies. Striking that balance is the key.”

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