October 5, 2022

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Tweeting the Election – Toby Bloomberg Joins the Roundtable

Tweeting the Election – Toby Bloomberg Joins the Roundtable

Welcome to another episode of the Media Bullseye Roundtable. I’d like to welcome CustomScoop VP Jen Zingsheim back to the show, after Doug Haslam ably filled in for her last week.

Our special guest on the program this week is Toby Bloomberg. Toby is the president of Bloomberg Marketing and a blogger at the Diva Marketing Blog. She is also currently developing a new site, divacafes.com, a social site celebrating single women over 40.

Toby joined us today to discuss social media and the election, procrastination (actually, maybe we should just talk about that tomorrow, right?), and the Rules of Friending.

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Social Media and the Election – Since Twitter has launched an election page, NPR has called for Twitterers to live-fact-check the debates and bloggers are regularly featured in the networks’ election coverage, social media is inescapable in this election season. We discuss the implications, how the news cycle has been decimated, and Toby points out that mainstream journalists are following social networks for scoops and hints.

I’ll Deal with it Tomorrow – Yay, procrastination! Inspired by this WSJ Juggle blog post about procrastination, we discuss how social media has an impact on those of us who find the most creative excuses for not tackling those old to-do lists.

The Rules of Friending – How do you decide who to let into your online world? I covered a few different blogs in the Jots this week discussing their thresholds for friendship, noticing that everyone has their own rules of engagement. In particular, how do you handle friend requests from corporate entities online? We discuss the implications of employer blocking in an effort to curb social media procrastinating (including how wrong-headed that thinking is sometimes), and the different comfort levels of those using social networks.

Click here to download our 34-minute discussion

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  1. toby@bloombergmarketing.com'

    Sarah – What a great way to end the week chatting with 2 smart women about social media marketing. Thanks for the invitation. Appreciate the mention about Diva Cafes; we hope to launch by end of 2008.

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