December 18, 2018

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Wait…There’s an Economic Crisis? (and Other PR Blog Jots)

Wait…There’s an Economic Crisis? (and Other PR Blog Jots)

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I know you all are probably tired of the neverending “OMG Economic Crisis!” trend of the blog jots lately, but really, check your feed readers. This is inspiring a lot of posts! Today is no different, with Todd Defren discussing the unfortunate decision of one o SHIFT’s clients to ax their PR budget to save money. He claims that unless there’s a serious budget urgency, cutting your PR firm is not an effective way to save money, for many reasons. “Agency PR is more cost-effective than in-house PR. The VP of Marketing is not going to create and manage databases, craft pitches, write press releases, and, spend hours each day reaching out to 50 reporters (and another 150 bloggers).  They’ll need a senior PR pro to handle those sundry duties – and, with salary and benefits included – that senior PR pro will cost about $150,000.”

Blog Through It
While most bloggers are certainly not reliant on blogging to keep them or their families’ afloat financially, that extra punch to the bank account earned through blog ads can come in handy. Darren Rowse explains how to “recession-proof” your blog to keep that income flowing even when people are cutting the fat from budgets (see above). “I’m not saying the times we live in are not reason to be concerned – but panicking is not going to do you (or those around you) any favours. Do what you can to have a level head and to look logically at the situation – if you can’t, find others who can and give them permission to slap you in the face next time you go into panic mode.”

Economic Echo Chamber
PR 2.0
In another economy-focused post (also available in shorter form on TechCrunch), Brian Solis  argues that while many businesses, start-ups in particular, may be nervous at the current state of affairs, now is not the time to withdraw from the social space. “Marketing to the echo chamber, believe it or not, is how you get that car rolling, starting everything in first gear. Appealing to those who can help spark word of mouth is how you can accelerate, gain enough speed to shift into second, and subsequent higher gears, and attract new users and evangelists along the way, growing in distance and reach at every turn. It is the echo chamber that can help you efficiently gain velocity in order to progressively reach greater audiences and command additional financing and also revenue in the process. With its support and assistance, it is almost like starting with a colossal push.”

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