September 29, 2022

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Who Owns Who? (and Other PR Blot Jots)

Who Owns Who? (and Other PR Blot Jots)

Who Owns Who?
Shel Holtz
In a refreshing change of pace from the usual posts complaining that we have become impersonal and started relying too much on technology to the point where we are enslaved by it, Shel Holtz points out that technology isn’t the enemy. He wryly points out that companies used to be just as afraid of telephones as some are of blogging and social media, and that dismissing technology outright is a folly. “To be sure, there is value in a phone call. Your voice conveys sincerity and warmth that is far more difficult to communicate with text. (How many times has an innocent joke in an email been misinterpreted, causing grief for both sender and recipient?) It’s easy to digress into off-topic conversation that can build closer bonds.But if each tool is used based on its strengths, then it becomes a matter of thoughtful integration of all the tools, not an artificial abandonment of a tool that has become a vital part of a PR practitioner’s communication mix.”

Sorting Out Information Overload
The Buzz Bin
Larissa Fair explores a topic of great interest to me–how do you sort through the information overload that is social media? I think I first noticed this last year. I returned from a cruise to literally thousands of new items to read between email and my RSS feeder. What do you do in that situation? “Clay discussed the idea that information overload is an institutional system design failure. But that’s not the real problem. What we’re suffering from now is “filter failure”. We need to filter for quality. Publishers of content (news media, corporations, the “average Joe” blogger) now have an easily accessible and free way to get information out. But how do you sort through all the “spam” in life and filter out unwanted and unnecessary information?”

PR, the Recession, and Social Media
PR Squared
As the Dow plunged today and investors all reached for their Pepto as the country’s financial crisis begins to look more dire, Todd Defren wonders if social media might play a key role in keeping the PR industry afloat during difficult times. “When the going gets tough, the tough start talking.  Despite the recessionary climate, most of the marketers surveyed viewed Social Media as a worthwhile addition to the mix.  They know that now is the time to rally and reassure customers and prospects. That’s the critical factor to remember about Social Media: it is not only helping brands spread the word; it also helps the brand to shore up support among its current customers.”

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    Larissa Fair

    Thanks Sarah! It’s a good (or bad?) thing so many of us can identify with information overload. I think it comes down to a personal matter, what you choose to read/follow/comment on and how it impacts your daily life is your own decision.

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