September 28, 2022

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As we saw social media play an historic part in the 2008 presidential election, CNN recently reported how Obama is continuing to use social media to communicate with the public as well as listen. According to the report:

Within 24 hours of last week’s historic vote, his transition team rolled out, a Web site that promises to be “your source for the latest news, events and announcements so that you can follow the setting up of the Obama administration.”

Obama will use the online video and interactively revolutionize the way the chief in commander communicates.

The president-elect already has said he’ll have a five-day online comment period before signing any nonemergency legislation, so Americans can be part of the process.

The problem our country currently faces with this amazing communication tool is the digital divide: With the internet being fastest technological adoption in history; it has become an integral part in our lives and our market.

The internet is connecting people like never before and widening the social gap for people who don’t have access and education. These groups are being left behind and their participation is critical.

Providing access to technology is critical, but also finding ways to make it more affordable and proper training. The digital divide is a global issue and a national issue if our government plans to use it as a voice for democracy.

To combat this problem we must get everyone plugged in and let their voices be heard, so that issues can be resolved.

Obama is planning to appoint a chief technology officer and has pledged to get true broadband to every community in the country.

We have seen our government bring internet to the classroom all over this nation and now it is working to close this gap. We have a long way to go, but this is a great step towards action. We will see in the coming months how progressive our actions will prove.

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Polly Payne is a student at Auburn University in Robert French’s class on public relations messages in emerging digital media. You can learn more at

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