September 29, 2022

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Social Media: Changing the World Every Day

Social Media: Changing the World Every Day

Do you consider social media to be important? If so, then Jason Falls may be the person you should get advice from. Falls has been blogging since 1998 and believes social media is a great way to have a connection with other people.

Falls works for Doe-Anderson in Louisville, KY and has connected blogging with his career. He was able to use his knowledge of social media from his past work experiences to create a professional blog.

“My professional blog serves as a thought leadership and industry resource that attracts new business for me and the agency,” said Falls.

Being new to social media can be difficult to grasp, but listening and learning about the concept of connecting with someone online can be helpful. This is also why writing is important when it comes to social media and blogging.

Falls believes writing skills are critical in social media because the written word is what drives the conversations and interactions.

First-time bloggers need to be able to write well and this will show that they can communicate with everyone on the same level. Being able to express yourself in words is just the start.

“If you are new to social media you should blog about what you want to work on every day,” said Falls. “If you want to be a pastry chef, then blog about pastries. If you want to be a truck driver, then blog about truck driving. By defining your niche, you establish a stronger bond with the audience because you’re servicing them, not your personal ego.”

Falls’ blog first got recognized after using three networking tactics. He used these tactics in the right combination and at the right time to help his audience grow.

His first tactic was networking online by reading similar blogs, adding friends in virtual space and asking questions to social media thinkers. His second tactic was targeting top influencers in social media by getting his name and face in front of them. He wanted people to recognize his name and face if he ever meet them. His last tactic was networking off-line by reaching out to his favorite bloggers and influences.

“Once you’re top of mind with these folks, they start wondering what you’re writing about,” said Falls.

When blogging you also want to make sure there is a line drawn between how much personal opinion you put in a professional blog. Falls’ blog focuses on social media, public relations, marketing and communications information.

“By inserting my personal opinion on off-topic items, I’ve steered off course and not met the audience’s expectations,” said Falls. “While the blog is mine and I can certainly inject my own opinion there from time-to-time, too much will drive my audience away.”

Blogging is a social media tool to get involved with, but Twitter is another great resource that has recently surfaced onto the web. Twitter is a place to network with people like you or with people you would like to get to know concerning your areas of interest.

“Once I realized there were infinitely smart people on Twitter that I could follow and converse with, the connections fired in my brain and I was hooked,” said Falls.

Falls wishes to help individuals and companies figure out how to use social media to improve the consumer experience. Learning how to use social media will only benefit individuals in the future and social media will eventually continue to grow in significance.

“I’m idealistic, but social media can, in fact, change the world,” said Falls.

Lauren White is a student at Auburn University in Robert French’s class on public relations messages in emerging digital media. You can learn more at

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