February 20, 2019

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A Whopper of a show

A Whopper of a show

The age old (well, as old as anything in this medium can be) question of whether content ‘wants’ to be free was the lead topic for today’s show, with the return of co-host Chip “Dead Horse” Griffin, and special guest Doug Haslam of SHIFT. The rise of amateur content and Burger King’s “Sacrifice 10 friends for a Whopper” are also discussed.

Click here to listen to the 30 minute discussion.

  • Mitch Joel’s post on “there is a cost to free,” kicked off the discussion, with Doug and Chip in agreement that there’s always a cost—nothing is free. In the case of content, there’s a reason for providing the content, whether it is personal satisfaction, marketing, or the ‘loss leader’ to garner further interest.
  • The rise of the amateur—Bill Sledzik’s interesting post about the impact of technology as it relates to amateurs delving into areas that were previously driven by professionals is the next topic. On some level, the piece contrasts Mitch Joel’s piece about Wikipedia, which relates to the trustworthiness of crowd-sourced content. Chip points out that there’s a vast difference between being an amateur and being amateurish.
  • Burger King’s new, and anti-social Facebook application: Sacrifice 10 friends for a Whopper—all three Roundtable participants admit to ignoring most applications, but find this creative effort on the part of Burger King commendable. Doug offers to sacrifice all of his Facebook friends if Scott Monty will give him a Ford Focus.

Click here to listen to the 30-minute discussion.

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