December 15, 2018

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Will the real experts please stand up?

Will the real experts please stand up?

Lately, we’ve been drowning in a sea of new experts (is that an oxymoron?) on the social media scene, and Dave Fleet of Thornley Fallis joins the Roundtable to help us sort through some of the questions that should be asked. Bill Sledzik’s series interviewing Brian Connolly, and the creative blogger outreach surrounding the new movie “Coraline” are also discussed.

Click here to listen to the 32 minute discussion.

  • There seems to be a meme going around on the question of experts. We cover a great post by Dave on this issue, and there have been others. These lists are interesting and these are good questions to ask…but what else should companies be asking? And who are these posts being written for–companies, or each other (or the “new” experts out there)?
  • Love her or hate her, Amanda Chapel has been a defining force in the social media PR space. Bill Sledzik’s series of compelling interviews with one of the creators of Strumpette, Brian Connolly, has been very interesting. The Roundtable discusses the series, and in particular the segment on the Six Fallacies of social media.
  • Finally, to end on a lighter note the Roundtable discusses the blogger outreach surrounding a new animated film called Coraline. The very creative approach taken must have involved a great deal of research, thought, and yes, money. Even bloggers somewhat adverse to marketing seemed to enjoy the outreach in this case. Are creative endeavors easier to create buzz around, and are there lessons in this for more mundane outreach efforts?

Click here to listen to the 32-minute discussion.

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