September 25, 2021

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Media evolution: a video conversation with J.D. Lasica

Media evolution: a video conversation with J.D. Lasica

J.D. Lasica has been calling for and writing about the evolution of the mainstream media for years. He’s a former print journalist and editor who’s been at the forefront of blogging (first post: May 2001), online journalism, participatory media, and videoblogging. J.D. was even hailing the potential of podcasting as far back as late 2004, just as the medium was emerging.

I met J.D. face-to-face at last week’s inaugural East Bay Social Media Breakfast event, where he was the featured speaker. In this video conversation that I recorded just after the breakfast, J.D. addresses some of the challenges facing traditional media today:

Show Notes

* J.D. argues that mainstream news outlets must participate in social media rather than viewing it as a threat.

* J.D. talks about the need for a “great decoupling” of news.

* J.D. explains why “journalism is too important to our democracy to just let it die.”

* J.D. predicts that half of the remaining newspapers in the United States will be out of business within five years.

* J.D. is asked about business models that newspapers should adopt in order to survive in an era of “nichification of media.”

*J.D. challenges newspapers to improve their their efforts in innovation.

Running time: 9:27

Bryan Person is the social media evangelist at LiveWorld. He blogs at and tweets at

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