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All Stupid, All the Time

All Stupid, All the Time

Chip Griffin was joined by Permanent Guest Co-Host Mark Story on this week’s Roundtable as they welcomed John Wall, co-host of Marketing Over Coffee among many other things, to the discussion.

(Click here to listen to the full discussion.)

Topics included:

  • Should alumni of college newspapers be able to preclude their articles from appearing in online archives?
  • How far can a “virtual assistant” go in helping you maintain your social networking presence?
  • Are we on the verge of a rise in the amount of paid content provided by media companies online or does content really want to be free?

Mark characterized all three stories as “all stupid, all the time,” while Chip took his usual contrarian approach. John staked out some middle ground, perhaps as a tip of his cap to absent co-host Jen Zingsheim.

Listen to the episode not just for the great insight and stellar commentary, but also to learn what happens when a co-host sees his shadow, discover which participant almost made a beeline for the liquor cabinet mid-show, and even hear a True Confession or two.

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Chip Griffin is the Founder of CustomScoop. He writes and speaks frequently about data-driven public relations. You can follow him on Twitter at @ChipGriffin.

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