September 28, 2022

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Make Your Clips Come to You

Make Your Clips Come to You

I admit it. I can be lazy sometimes. Plus I get distracted by tasks that crop up.

But I always want to know as quickly as possible when someone mentions me or my brand online or in traditional media. Part of that’s ego, but mostly it’s good business. If I can respond quickly to feedback — positive or negative — it gives me a leg up and helps my reputation and CustomScoop’s reputation.

Of course, I regularly check in to my CustomScoop ClipIQ account for this kind of information, but I also have email alerts set up to come to me virtually instantly when this sort of important intelligence gets uncovered.

I do that through the “Email Alert” tab in the product that lets me set up an unlimited amount of customized email alerts. These are all based on the Clip Reports that I discussed in an earlier post that enables me to segment clips by pretty much any criteria I can think of.

For my purposes, I have configured email alerts for mentions of me and CustomScoop, but I have also set up reports focused on Competitors and Industry News that come to me early each morning to help me digest the current environment as I get my day started.

You may also notice that I have a daily email come to me with Twitter posts from across the spectrum of topics in my account. I like to get that in the early evening because I will often try to sift through that backlog while watching a game on TV at home.

The bottom line is that I make the information I need come to me when it best suits me. Sure, I can login and get access whenever I want, but there’s something comforting about knowing that my own product is keeping a watch out for me and letting me know instantly when I don’t want to overlook something important.

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