September 27, 2022

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CustomScoop “Sucks In” Search Results and RSS Feeds

CustomScoop “Sucks In” Search Results and RSS Feeds

There are days when I really enjoy eating my own dog food, as they say. Today is one of them. We recently added functionality to the CustomScoop ClipIQ product to enable it to consume RSS feeds of the user’s choice and integrate it with the data gathered from our proprietary search technology.

That means our entire suite of tools can be used not only for the data we have always provided, but also news and blog posts from wherever they can be found online. You can now import all of the posts from an important industry blog, for example. Or you can take in an RSS feed from one of the many blog search engines out there. Heck, you can even take an RSS feed in from another monitoring vendor so that you have one-stop shopping for all of your important clip data.

CustomScoop even dedupes the results from your RSS feeds and your customized ClipIQ data so you don’t have to wade through multiple copies of the same clip/post as you do when you use most feed readers.

I find this immensely useful as I try to wade through huge piles of information every day to stay on top of the latest trends and ideas, as well as mentions of CustomScoop, our partners, our industry, and even competitors. Previously, I had to manage multiple RSS feeds to go along with the proprietary data we create. This makes my life so much simpler and my effort so much more effective. (When I write stuff like this, I can’t help but feel like that guy from the Hair Club for Men commercial from way back when where he said something like “I’m not just the founder of the company, I’m also a customer!”)

How does it work?

You have two options. Using our new Feed Keyword Manager, you simply check off which popular search providers you’d like to integrate (we have set up several already with more on the way). Then enter your search terms in one easy to use set of boxes (no need to know the search syntax for each provider — we take care of all of that behind the scenes). Click “Add” and presto you are now searching beyond the already robust CustomScoop source database to help ensure you don’t miss a beat.

If you prefer to use an RSS feed provider that we don’t already have custom configured, simply open up the RSS Manager to add in the RSS links directly. This is how you would take in all of the posts from a publication like Media Bullseye, for instance. Or import a feed from another search engine or a different clipping provider. And we know some of you are the kind of experts who just like to use the most geeky approach possible. Whatever the reason, the functionality is there at your fingertips.

cs-screen-rssmanager.gifCheck it out for yourself today in your own CustomScoop ClipIQ account.

Don’t have CustomScoop ClipIQ yet? Try out a free trial of the service for yourself.

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