October 5, 2022

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What Our Customers Say About CustomScoop

What Our Customers Say About CustomScoop

We just wrapped up our Summer 2009 Customer Survey and are combing through the results. I thought I’d take a moment to share some of the comments I’m proudest about, as well as some of the feedback that will lead to future product enhancements.

First, a sampling of quotes from our customers about our service:

  • “It captures articles in small newspapers that have information of value”
  • “The product is great, but the customer service is amazing … If I ever have a problem it is solved within hours if not minutes”
  • “a clear concise summary of news hits”
  • “It finds just what I want”
  • “It presents all the media I need in one neat package every morning”
  • “I like the fact that all of the clippings are grouped into categories by the name they are found … this is very helpful”
  • “Easy way to review and process a lot of different information. OUTSTANDING customer service”
  • “Finds clips from foreign sources that would otherwise be difficult to locate”
  • “It is very user friendly”
  • “I like the web interface, spreadsheet, and the customer service”
  • “I can send the boss an email each morning about the stories generated then quantitative reports at the end of the month (or whenever asked)”

Kudos go out to the entire team here for making so many customers so happy. And, of course, thanks to all of the customers who took the time to share their feedback — the level of participation was phenomenal!

Of course, we got lots of helpful feedback and suggestions, too. In the coming weeks, you can expect to see a number of enhancements — many of which are being developed or accelerated specifically because of this feedback. In particular, there will be a number of enhancements as it relates to the measurement and analysis functionality of the product.

Watch this space for announcements as we roll out some of those new features later this summer.

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