June 28, 2022

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How to use social media to galvanize online giving

How to use social media to galvanize online giving

If you spend any time on Twitter-and if you’re a regular Media Bullseye reader, I’m sure you do-then you’ve likely caught wind of the recent buzz around Movember, an annual fundraising and awareness campaign for “cancers that affect men.”

Movember image

Since 2003, manly “Mo Bros” take the month of November to grow and groom their mustaches, and report, often in visual format, on their progress. The sights aren’t always pretty-let’s face it: Some dudes just don’t wear facial hair very well (Exhibit A | Exhibit B)-but the donations do pour in. In fact, Movember has raised more than $47 million since its inception six years ago.

In my audio contribution this month and in the show notes below, I offer five reasons why Movember-with a notable assist from social media-is so successful.

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Show Notes

1. It’s talkable. Movember features mugshots of guys proudly sporting and comparing their ugly mustaches-all in the name of raising money for cancer. Now that’s a story worth talking about!

2. It’s shareable. And when there’s a good story, you can always turn to social media tools like Twitter to help spread the message far and wide. Check out the hahstagged #Movember tweets for calls to action to donate and for links to the latest and greatest ‘stache photos. There’s also no shortage of related blog posts and Flickr images.

3. Donating is a snap. Fill out a short online form, and add in your credit number. That’s all there is to it.

4. It fires up our competitive juices. Thanks to the “Mo Space” leader boards, it’s easy to see which Movember participants are outraising their counterparts. For example: with less than a week to go in this year’s campaign, I know my local Team SocMed Austin has some ground to make up in its quest to surpass the clowns from my old stomping grounds of Boston (yes, that’s sarcasm; we’re all on the same team, after all).

5. It’s all for a cause that hits close to home. Odds are, cancer has stricken you or someone you love or care about. With that personal connection, donating becomes more likely-and meaningful.

Bryan Person is a social media evangelist for LiveWorld. He blogs at BryanPerson.com and tweets from @BryanPerson.

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