October 4, 2022

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Blunder, or best naming idea ever? Welcome, iPad.

Blunder, or best naming idea ever? Welcome, iPad.

So, where on the “any press is good press” spectrum do you fall? Because Apple’s new product is either a naming disaster or a stroke of genius.

Men: sorry–but here goes. Naming a tech product an “iPad” has unleashed a tsunami of feminine-hygiene related jokes across the Internet. A fairly comprehensive rundown can be found, unsurprisingly, at Jezebel (thanks Wurrey, for the link!). Most of the women I know are wondering how on Earth this got through the marketing department–how can it be a good thing when the name of your product is making thousands of people laugh and crack jokes?

On the other hand, at least half of the population won’t forget the name of the new product. And it’s certainly creating “buzz.”

I can hardly wait for the commercials. Will they use the Mac/PC guys? One friend on Facebook is already anticipating the SNL skit.

Apple never fails to get people talking…

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