September 29, 2022

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Radio Roundtable: The Planes, Tiger, and Location edition

Radio Roundtable: The Planes, Tiger, and Location edition

This week, host Jen Zingsheim welcomed co-host Sarah Wurrey and the two discussed Kevin Smith and the Southwest Air kerfuffle, Tiger Woods’ press conference, and Please Rob Me–a site set up to outline the dangers of disclosing too much on social media.

Click here to listen to the 30-minute show.

  • First, Jen and Sarah tackle the Kevin Smith versus Southwest Air debate, and how both sides are likely to benefit from all of the publicity. What happens when two social media titans go head-to-head? Everyone gets media coverage, and nothing is really resolved.
  • Next, they discuss the Tiger Woods press conference–if you can call it a press conference when no press is invited.
  • Finally, they cover the Please Rob Me site. Sarah points out that most likely, anyone using Foursquare is social media-savvy enough to get that they are disclosing their location. Jen adds that Facebook, due to its diverse user base is a more likely candidate for people inadvertently oversharing.
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    Lucina Toepke

    For a long time, Tiger Woods was an example of my heroes. He epitomized brilliance. Okay, I am not excellent, but when a heroic public figure is discovered to be so damaged, it does take the hero out of heroism. Just about all one has left is “-ism” — idiot, stupid, moron. Is he an incredible golfer? You bet he’s. Possibly he will always be considered one of the greatest out of them all.

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