October 4, 2022

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The Return of the Roundtable

The Return of the Roundtable

This week after a too-long hiatus, the Roundtable returns! My co-host this week is Bryan Person. It’s fitting that Bryan was able to host on our first week back on the air, as it was his terrific idea to have several co-hosts who each host a fixed week every month.

We were joined by special guest Jennifer Windrum, a PR practitioner who enjoys social media. She has decided to view her recent job loss as an opportunity to pursue her passions.

Click here to listen to the 31-minute show.

This week, we discussed Jennifer’s passion for social media and her WTFLungCancer (Where’s the Funding) efforts; Shel Holtz’s post about real-time feedback loops; and closed the show by discussing Forrester’s new blogging policy for its employees.

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