September 28, 2022

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Radio Roundtable: Cheese with our Whine

Radio Roundtable: Cheese with our Whine

This week, Jen Zingsheim and Sarah Wurrey discuss SXSW backlash, Facebook taking over Google in terms of web visits, and whether social media is an effective marketing tool for business.

Jen and Sarah kick off the discussion by examining some of the more critical blog posts about the South by Southwest Interactive conference. The two acknowledge that having never been there, this is armchair quarterbacking at its best–but really when has that stopped anyone in social media?

Click here to listen to the 28-minute show.

  • Blog posts criticizing either the business case or the actions of attendees were seen, which brings to mind the question did the conference just allow too many people to come? Sarah doesn’t think the number of attendees is the problem. Jen asks if the ready adoption of Twitter as a communications tool–and the obvious connection the tool has to the SXSW conference–might have been at least partly to blame for the masses of people that some were complaining about. Jen further points out that some of the criticism out there has an “I was a fan of the band before they were famous”-feel to it.
  • Next, the two discuss the recent news that Facebook has surpassed Google as the most-visited Internet site. Even though it was a very close, with Facebook accounting for 7.07 percent of all web traffic versus Google’s 7.03 percent, this seems notable. Sarah wonders how this will translate to advertising revenue, which is what both sites are looking for.
  • Finally, an article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Entrepreneurs Question Value of Social Media” had both Sarah and Jen pointing out that social media isn’t an instant traffic driver. Some will see success, some won’t–and social media should be a component of an overall strategy. Sarah reminds everyone that measurement is key here too.
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