January 24, 2022

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Radio Roundtable: A Trio of Twitter Topics…and “unearned” media

Radio Roundtable: A Trio of Twitter Topics…and “unearned” media

This week, host Jen Zingsheim welcomes back Sarah Wurrey to the Roundtable. The two discuss the Library of Congress’s intent to store all Tweets dating back to 2006, how TweetUp will change Twitter, and if Twitter is “ruining” celebrities. Zingsheim and Wurrey then take a look at a post by Dave Fleet that brings into question how much of earned media is really earned if the coverage is promised in conjunction with advertising.

Click here to listen to the 26-minute show.

  • First, Twitter has been all over the news this week, from irritating apps developers to getting archived at the venerable Library of Congress. Are Tweets worth archiving, and what exactly do we hope future generations will glean from our inane chatter? Jen and Sarah debate the merits of this proposal, and also discuss the privacy implications.
  • TweetUp, a new service that will allegedly help us separate the wheat from the chaff as far as the above-referenced inane chatter goes, will allow people to bid on keywords to increase the ranking on Tweets, pushing them up in results. Will this be annoying or helpful?
  • Next, Sarah agrees with Jezebel that Twitter is “ruining celebrities.” From their inability to self-censor to just making it clear to the world that they are as irritating as the rest of us (and maybe more so), celebrity facades are falling right and left (but mostly left).
  • Finally, the two discuss the implications of a post by Dave Fleet outlining some new proposals being put forth by newspapers to PR pros. While the pair guesses that this is nothing new, the idea of placing an ad for a client next to coverage of the client in a newspaper would seem to detract significantly from the validity of earned media, making it seem, well, less earned.
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