October 4, 2022

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Radio Roundtable: The Job-hopper’s edition

Radio Roundtable: The Job-hopper’s edition

Doug Haslam joined Jen Zingsheim as this week’s co-host on another edition of Media Bullseye’s Radio Roundtable. The two discussed New Comm Forum, Millenials and job-hopping, and LinkedIn’s new feature of following a company on their social network.

Click here to listen to the 25-minute program.

  • First, Doug discusses the New Comm Forum he recently attended in San Mateo California. New Comm Forum is a ‘deep dive’ into social media, examining case studies and best practices for those who have been practicing in this field for a while. Doug points out that while there is still very much a place for the “101/introductory” level approaches, New Comm Forum fills a valuable spot. One of the questions that arose was if Facebook’s increasing privacy issues present a significant problem for the future of the social networking tool.
  • Next, for whatever reason the topic of the moment seems to be Millenials, job dissatisfaction, and job-hopping. Bill Sledzik has written about it, as have Todd Defren, Nick Corcodilos, Mark Suster, and of course Jason Calacanis. (And for a decidedly different take, Penelope Trunk says job-hoppers make great employees.)
  • LinkedIn recently announced the ability to “follow” a company on their social network. Jen and Doug agree that this is a smart move on LinkedIn’s part, as it allows them to position themselves even more securely in the HR/Recruitment space that the site already excels in. In fact, if anyone out there thinks this is a bad idea, please let either Jen or Doug know, as neither could see a downside to this move.
  • Finally, the two discussed a piece in the New York Times that highlights the activities of a self-designated group of renegade spell-correctors on Twitter.
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