December 15, 2018

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Radio Roundtable: Will the iPad save publishing?

Radio Roundtable: Will the iPad save publishing?

Host Jen Zingsheim and co-host Bryan Person tackle the question of if the iPad can revolutionize publishing, whether comment moderation at the Washington Post addresses the “comment troll” problems at newspapers, and if there’s an advantage to businesses that are nice.

Click here to listen to the 26-minute show.

  • First, Jen and Bryan discuss the iPad–Bryan feels that this new gadget has the potential to revolutionize publishing, especially through the inclusion of rich content, such as video. Jen asks if the newspaper industry has the flexibility to absorb the development of additional content, since it will likely increase costs. Bryan points out that the advertising capabilities
  • Next, they discuss the Washington Post’s new comment system that centers on only allowing trusted commenters appear in “Tier 1” comments on articles. Others would be visible, but only after clicking through to another tier to view them. Bryan points out that the system’s effectiveness will rest largely on how it is implemented–an algorithm isn’t going to be as effective as humans screening. Jen points out that a commenting system that segregates trusted commenters from others may help alleviate instances like the one Ike Pigott outlines on his post about Journalistic Sodbusting.
  • Finally, the two discuss Mitch Joel’s piece about the Business of Kindness, and ask if business really “get” that social media is about more than responding, it’s about addressing people’s concerns on a more personal level.
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