October 5, 2022

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Radio Roundtable: Oh, Facebook. What are you thinking?

Radio Roundtable: Oh, Facebook. What are you thinking?

Co-host Bryan Person joined Jen Zingsheim this week, to discuss Facebook’s privacy (and communications) problems, Mitch Joel’s “this blog is a failure” post, and being quoted in a “stealth interview.”

Click here to listen to the 28-minute show.

  • First, Bryan and Jen tackle the issues surrounding Facebook’s recent changes and the subsequent firestorm. Is there a reason to be concerned about the changes, or is this a situation where a handful of vocal people are disproportionally reacting? Bryan highlights the lack of an option to “opt in” as an issue. Jen discusses the Byzantine settings, and points out that less-informed users probably have no idea how much things have changed. Jen closes by pointing out that trust is hard to gain, Facebook is losing user trust, and it will be even harder to gain back.
  • Next the two discussed Mitch Joel’s post titled “5 Reasons Why This Blog is a Failure.” The post was fascinating, and both Bryan and Jen agree that Mitch’s blog occupies a valuable space in the “upper-level” of learning for those who have been active in social media for a while.
  • Finally, they discuss a post by B.L. Ochman wherein she lays out the perils of the “stealth interview.” Yes, we all need to be careful of what we say online, but will reporters randomly pulling quotes from places online produce a “chilling effect” that has an impact on authenticity?
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