September 28, 2022

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How is changing the game with Everywhere platform

How is changing the game with Everywhere platform recently unveiled their “Everywhere” platform designed to spark meetups everywhere around a point of interest.  That interest could be a company, hobby, passion, experience, person, or just about anything else you can think of.  After the platform was announced well known author and speaker Seth Godin posted a message on his blog for his readers to begin creating meetups.  Twelve hours after casting his call there were 499 cities that had organized a meetup.  As of today, there are just about 800 cities with meetups.

Now there are hundreds of meetings for podcasts, sports, crafts, newspapers, blogs, startups, companies and virtually everything else.  It’s created a firestorm of meetups in virtually any city at any time.  In fact, coming up are meetings surrounding the popular podcast, This Week in Startups, the blog TechCrunch, and many others.

How is this changing the game?  Giving everyone and anyone the power to create meetings for any cause is certainly not new.  A recent trend in meetings has been tweetups, or meetings of Twitter users around a specific cause.  Most of these meetings have friction around planning, and creating the actual event.  The Everywhere platform takes that friction out and organizes your meeting quickly and easily to bring your meeting from the internet into an actual venue.

The future of the platform could certainly take advantage of a mobile approach, and incorporate many of the features of location based services.  With so many people broadcasting their location via Foursquare, Gowalla and other popular services it would make it easy to start a spur of the moment meetups.  Picture this, you are out to dinner and a few friends check-in nearby.  Suddenly you can open on your mobile phone and organize a quick meeting that automatically notifies your nearby friends.

Utilizing the platform, which receives roughly 2 million unique visitors per month, gives you the reach to help get the word out.  When you use the Everywhere platform, and couple it with your social networks you can create a meetup that is an instant success.

If you are organizing a meetup using the Everywhere platform, let us know in the comments.  It would be interesting to see all the meetings going on with readers.

Good luck and happy meeting up!

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